Remember Michelle Dobyne? Her News Interview Is A Viral Song Now — ‘The Building Is On Fire’

Michelle Dobyne has turned out to be the next viral sensation. From news interview to internet notoriety, Dobyne’s “building is on fire” rant is now a catchy song.

A few days ago, Michelle spoke with News on 6 about the unfortunate situation. Michelle’s “building is on fire” phrase ended up being one of the more memorable of Dobyne’s video account. You can also see Michelle Dobyne’s interview in a previously reported Inquisitr article.

However, much like how Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins’ news confession sparked necessary ingredients for a viral song, Michelle Dobyne’s testimony has as well. Courtesy of the Gregory Brothers, Dobyne’s words were cleverly added within a mix of their own called “Not Today (The Building Is on Fire).”

Actually, you can watch the viral sensation below. While Dobyne’s “Building Is on Fire” song was only uploaded two days ago, it’s already accumulated over 1.6 million views.

On Michelle Dobyne’s “Building Is on Fire” song, the credits note that Michael Onufrak is responsible for production, and the music assistant is Alexander Tso.

Interestingly enough, “Not Today (Building Is on Fire)” is available through iTunes now. However, as part of a negotiation the Gregory Brothers worked out with Michelle Dobyne, royalties from the “Building Is on Fire” song will go toward Michelle’s cause. Likewise, many people have mentioned purchasing the Michelle Dobyne track in support of the initiative.

According to Go Fund Me, the Michelle Dobyne fund‘s goal is $20,000. Of that amount, over $16,300 has been accumulated since its creation, on January 11 by Tykebrean Princess McClain.

According to the site’s information, so far, 731 people have given to Michelle’s fund. The description reads as follows.

“Everyone this is the ‘Not today [Building Is on Fire]’ lady from News on 6! And she is currently living in her car and she needs anything she can get to help her and her 3 kids! Anything can help with them! Even a dollar would be helpful! God Bless!

This is amazing how much love there is in the world! I met her Monday Night because I was watching the news and they said where she lived and that she would be in her car! So after dinner me and my mom got in the car and had shoes and bags of clothes and blankets ready! We took her to dinner at Burger King and talked to her about her issues and saw how sweet she was and wanted to do this for her and she is so grateful to all of you! Kids are 3,5, [and] 6! Girls are 3 & 6! Pants 14 & XL!! And 5 is the boy and medium & 7!”

The thing that was throwing everyone all was Michelle’s upbeat attitude toward her building fire. Several people thought that Dobyne’s attitude was simply too positive for the interview to be real. However, via Twitter, Michelle Dobyne answers her critics as follows.

As a side note, in the midst of the blessings, Daily Mail reports that Michelle Dobyne wasn’t the only person effected by the building fire. According to the source, “now 100 residents at the apartment complex have been left without electricity or heat as the fire destroyed the electricity units at the block.” It also claims that “the popping noise” that Dobyne heard was electric cables catching fire.

Nevertheless, as it appears from Michelle Dobyne’s Twitter, she now has a booking agent. Maybe the “Building Is on Fire” song will get Dobyne similar offers as Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins obtained with Comedy Central? What are your thoughts on the building?

Did you like “Not Today (Building Is on Fire)”? Do you plan to purchase its audio as support? Feel free to share your feelings toward Michelle Dobyne and her situation in the comments.

[Image via YouTube/Go Fund Me]