‘Bringing Up Bates’ Stars Criticized For Extreme Weight Loss Choice

Tonight, on a new episode of Bringing Up Bates, Kelly Jo and Gil Bates decided that they wanted to lose some weight in time for Michael’s wedding. They didn’t think very much in advance though and the Bates family had to lose weight and fast. They are now being criticized for their extreme weight loss choice on the show, Bringing Up Bates. She Knows shared how it looks like the Bates family might be taking things a bit too far.

Kelly Jo actually told the kids that she needed something that works quick. It wasn’t all about healthy choices and working out, but more about getting the weight off as soon as possible. Kelly Jo Bates also didn’t want to go dress shopping and buy a really big dress. Her daughter, Tori Bates, shared that Kelly Jo always wants to go on a diet before weddings. They decided that a challenge or competition would be better. Lawson could help coach Gil Bates, and Tori would help out Kelly Jo Bates on their weight loss.

Kelly Jo and Gil Bates are competing against each other, but they are going to have the kids decide who looks the best. One of the daughters explained that the goal should be to be healthy and not to lose weight, but Lawson was all about this competition.

They decided to start on Monday, but Kelly Jo wanted to go out and have a big fattening meal first. Tori Bates didn’t think this was a good idea at all. The family does eat healthy some already, and even shared that they go blackberry picking whenever they are ripe and bring them home. They did turn it into a blackberry cobbler though, which of course made it not diet food anymore. They also added ice cream to the dessert. Gil Bates rushed in to get some, but he was told that he is on a diet, but Lawson said he could have small portions of it.

Lawson Bates shared that Gil Bates had to get over his love for sweet tea. Getting this out of his diet is a good thing for him, regardless. Gil even teased that he already has a shape and it is “round.” The Bates were working out on tonight’s episode, but nobody was taking it to the extreme. Gil went for a run with Lawson Bates driving beside him. Kelly Jo Bates wanted to work on her arms and talked about how she used to be pregnant so often, which made weight loss hard. Kelly Jo was working out with weights and doing crunches with Tori. They obviously still had some time before the wedding because they planned to work out three times a week, and then walk on the other days.

Bringing Up Bates shared about the weight loss episode on their Facebook page. The fans that commented here don’t seem to have a problem with the Bates at all, and were just talking about how much they love the show. They really like the family a lot and if they do have issues with how they diet, they didn’t share it on their page at all. By the end of this 30 minute episode tonight, the weight loss journey was still going for this family.

Do you think that Kelly Jo and Gil Bates took it too far on the weight loss tonight on Bringing Up Bates? Were they just doing it the way that everyone else normally does? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Bringing Up Bates on Thursday nights on UP.

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