‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dante Digs, Johnny Threatens, Lulu Scrambles, And Tracy Pressures Hayden

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode tease that there will be a lot of storylines covered, and fans will not want to miss this one. As viewers saw on Thursday’s show, Johnny lured Valerie out to the middle of nowhere. While Lulu texted him to call off his plan and head out of town, he made his move anyway. Where are things headed in the January 15 show?

According to She Knows Soaps, Johnny will have Valerie tied up during Friday’s episode. She will try to scream, but he will tell her to stay quiet. He’s got her hidden away somewhere, but just how far is he willing to do to get her out of the way?

Lulu tried to stop Johnny before things got to far gone, and viewers will be curious to see how she handles the situation when it becomes apparent that Valerie is missing. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lulu will be a bit flustered when Laura pops in to visit during Friday’s episode, and Dillon will be somewhat shaken when Dante tracks him down to ask some questions.

Nathan and Dante now know that Johnny has been back in Port Charles, but they have no idea yet that he had been spending a lot of time with Lulu. Maxie covered up for Lulu, but Dante will be asking Dillon some questions during Friday’s show and it sounds as if Dillon will have a hard time knowing how to respond.

We Love Soaps indicates that at some point in this episode, Dante will uncover some incriminating photos at the Port Charles Police Department. Will these be the ones of Valerie and Johnny that Johnny orchestrated to make her look bad, or could they be of Lulu and Johnny together, as some viewers have theorized? Either way, Dante will surely be spurred on by what he finds and it is just a matter of time before Johnny is found.

Also ahead on Friday’s episode, Sam will be digging into the circumstances surrounding the fight that played out between Nikolas and Jason on the terrace. Nikolas and Hayden have said that Jason pushed Nik over the railing, but Sam has her doubts. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be connecting with a doctor looking for some help while Nikolas heads home to Wyndemere.

Elizabeth and the boys have been staying with Jason after the latest scare at her house, but this will not be easy on anybody. General Hospital spoilers share that Liz will be telling Jason that it has been difficult on her to be staying with him, but GH fans have no doubt that she will not exactly go running back home and away from Jason. Is Jake behind these strange incidents, and will it propel Jason and Elizabeth to reunite?

Tracy has been putting a lot of pressure on Hayden, and that continues in this next episode. General Hospital spoiler previews show Tracy on the phone taunting someone, and this seems likely to be Hayden. Will Hayden come through for Tracy in her quest to reclaim ELQ, or could Hayden ultimately unite with Nikolas?

Fans are quite anxious to see what comes next with this Valerie situation, and the coming week brings Alexis and Julian’s wedding day. Will the two successfully get hitched, or will a surprise attendee throw a wrench into the plans? There is plenty more drama on the way for everybody in Port Charles and General Hospital viewers are quite curious to see how it all plays out.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]