‘Grey’s Anatomy’ News: Kevin McKidd Reveals Cristina Was At Derek’s Funeral

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy noticed that when Meredith Grey’s husband Derick died, her person wasn’t there. Sandra Oh did not come back for this big event in her best friend’s life. TV Line shared that Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt, is now speaking out and revealing that Cristina was really there, even though Sandra Oh wasn’t seen in that episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Kevin McKidd actually explained what went on during this episode.

Kevin said that even though Sandra Oh wasn’t there, everyone saw Meredith standing there with a brunette and holding hands together. Kevin McKidd explained that this was Cristina, even though it wasn’t Sandra Oh. They used a body double on the show. McKidd confirmed it and explained the details.

“Cristina was there. I presume Sandra was busy and unavailable for that episode, which was the only reason why [a body double was used]. That funeral sequence was meant to imply that Cristina was obviously there for Meredith. Her presence was felt.”

What Kevin McKidd is saying explains a lot to fans about this episode. McKidd understands that everyone knows that Cristina should have been with Meredith on this really hard day, and she was there indeed — even if fans didn’t realize it right away.

Sandra Oh actually left the show about a year before Patrick Dempsey’s character was killed off. Oh was in a relationship with Kevin McKidd’s character Owen, and it has taken him a lot to get over her and finally move on to someone new.

Wet Paint shared that as Kevin McKidd explains, you shouldn’t feel like you missed out on seeing Sandra Oh on this episode. She wasn’t even there, but the body double held onto Meredith’s hand and looked just like her. The moment that Kevin McKidd is talking about is eight minutes into Season 11 Episode 22 called “She’s Leaving Home, Part 1.” You can see what McKidd is talking about for yourself in the clip below.

Enstarz shared what Kevin McKidd had to say about his job and character on Grey’s Anatomy. So far, the show has not been officially renewed for season 13, but everyone knows that it is going to happen. Kevin McKidd even shared that he is sure it will be back again. McKidd doesn’t sound like he is going anywhere either from what he had to say about the show.

“I’m not being corny or giving you the party line, but this has been like a family for me. I came in as just an actor, and now I’m directing, I’m also talking–tentatively–about developing something beyond Grey’s for Shondaland. Shondaland creates this environment where if you’re trusted and become part of the family then you’re given opportunities to thrive and grow. I don’t see any reason why I would run away from that. I feel very blessed.”

Kevin McKidd went on to talk about the character of Owen Hunt.

“I’m still unearthing [new] things about Owen that deepen the character. For many years, Owen was just a reflection of Cristina. He was there just as someone to bounce things off of Cristina. Now we’re getting to see Owen a little more independently and learn about who this guy is outside of the Cristina Yang of it all. So I’m really enjoying that. I don’t feel as though I’m finished.”

Did you pick up on the fact that Cristina was there like Kevin McKidd is explaining now? Do you think that Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd’s characters on Grey’s Anatomy were meant to be? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss Grey’s Anatomy when it returns to ABC on Thursday nights.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for DGA]