Jennifer Cassetta Tells The Story Of Her Smart, Strong, And Sexy Plan On ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’

Tonight on a new episode of My Diet Is Better Than Yours, everyone will be introduced to the new trainer, Jennifer Cassetta, and her diet, The Smart, Strong and Sexy Plan. This diet is a new one this week. People shared all about how Jennifer’s diet started out. She is very passionate about this diet and how it can help out others as well. Jennifer will be helping out Taj Robinson and when it comes to working out she is all about martial arts. Taj fired her trainer last week and decided to try out a new diet.

Jennifer Cassetta used to do martial arts as a hobby, but there is a lot more to it now. Everything that went down on September 11 is what made Jennifer choose to step things up when it came to martial arts. Tonight on My Diet Is Better Than Yours, she will explain what made her change her mind.

“I was working downtown, about three blocks south of the World Trade Center. So I showed up for work, on September 11, in the morning, and when I got out of the subway, I just felt all hell had broken loose, and everyone was just running around and pointing, I had no idea what was going on, and I just followed their fingers to this massive, gaping hole in one of the towers.”

Jennifer Cassetta did survive, but at one point she was afraid that she would die on that day. Cassetta was able to get to her martial arts studio and this bonded her with the people there. She actually started to go all the time and Jennifer wanted to be there any spare time she had and loved it. Jennifer Cassetta decided to take it serious and feels like this path chose her. Now Jennifer is able to share this with the world.

Cassetta went on to explain why martial arts is so great for people to learn and do as exercise. She feels like this is one of best workouts that you can do.

“It’s a great core exercise, with so many mental and emotional benefits. Martial arts training is actually really like high intensity interval training because of the intensity of the workouts and the rest periods. But you’re also learning to defend yourself at the same time.”

Jennifer Cassetta has a website that shows off a lot of what she does and how she helps people. Jennifer has 21-day meal plans to help people start the vegan diet, the paleo, or gluten free diet. Cassetta also teaches classes to people about self defense. She has a workout series that includes kickboxing, HIIT, core strengthening, and lower body toning. Her site explains all about Jennifer.

“Jennifer Cassetta is a clinical nutritionist, personal trainer and self defense expert. Her recipe for success is part kick-ass, part nurturing and unlimited amounts of empowerment. She’s taught the likes of Carrie Fisher, Jenny McCarthy, and Marie Osmond how to defend themselves while wearing stilettos. Jennifer speaks to audiences around the world regarding safety, self defense, wellness and sexual assault prevention. She’s also been known as a traveling health coach, training clients around the globe.”

Do you think that Jennifer Cassetta’s Strong, Safe and Sexy Plan is going to end up being the best diet on the show My Diet Is Better Than Yours? If not, which diet is your favorite on the show? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes on Thursday nights on ABC.

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