WWE Rumors: HHH Protected Tyler Breeze From Vince McMahon

WWE rumors are suggesting that Triple H tried his best to protect Tyler Breeze on the main roster, but Vince McMahon shot the push down, according to the Wrestling Observer.

For years, observant wrestling fans had been waiting for Tyler Breeze to make his way up from the NXT roster to the main roster in WWE because he had shown tremendous potential. Tyler Breeze had to sit back and watch wrestler after wrestler being promoted ahead of him to the main WWE roster. He patiently just kept plying his trade and entertaining the fans. Fortunately for Tyler Breeze, he had a very big fan in his corner, someone that has major backstage stroke. Triple H was fully and firmly in the corner of Breeze, pushing him as a star.

Tyler Breeze isn’t one of those muscular behemoths that Vince McMahon usually swoons over, so it took some convincing by Triple H to get Tyler Breeze promoted to the main roster. Triple H kept selling Tyler Breeze as someone that can be on the same level as Dolph Ziggler, an underrated and underutilized performer who has a great knack for making others better.

That was the reason why Tyler Breeze was immediately thrust into a feud with Dolph Ziggler upon his promotion to the main roster. Triple H wanted him to show what he can do.

Dolph Ziggler
The feud between Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler was entertaining, and their matches were pretty good. However, Vince McMahon was not very convinced of Breeze as a future star.

WWE tried to gauge the audience by giving Tyler Breeze a huge victory over Dolph Ziggler at the Survivor Series, one of the biggest wrestling pay per view events of the calendar year. Fans reacted to the victory in a positive way, but then whatever momentum that Tyler Breeze had built was immediately sapped away when Dolph Ziggler was given the return victory.

When a new guy is brought into the mix and the feud goes back and forth, the new guy has a tendency to lose some momentum, even though he picked up some needed credibility.

Not convinced whatsoever, Vince McMahon decided to pull the plug on the Tyler Breeze push, which has been quite evident if you’re one of those fans that tune in on a weekly basis. Not only did Vince McMahon pull the push from Tyler Breeze, he also inexplicably took Summer Rae, a popular WWE diva who was serving as his manager, away from his character.

Summer Rae
The most interesting part about the split between Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae is that it was totally unnecessary, as the breakup really didn’t lead to another story line or anything. Now, Tyler Breeze finds himself in the dreaded “lost in the mid card shuffle” role that performers have long hated. It is a position where you are simply there but not doing anything.

In this world, you’re either a checkers player or a chess player. When it comes to being in a corporate environment, Triple H is definitely a chess player. He’s very methodical in ways.

If Triple H still believes that Tyler Breeze can be a major asset for WWE, then he’s going to want to revisit the push again down the road. He’ll convince Vince McMahon to do it again.

For now, Tyler Breeze needs to step back and play the good soldier, much like he did in NXT. If anyone can tell you how effective that method is, it’s none other than Triple H himself.

The Tyler Breeze issue is over for now but might resurface later.

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