‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Joseline Hernandez Destroys Stevie J’s Belongings In Jealous Rage

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta may have split for good this time. Joseline lost her mind in a jealous rage on Monday while Stevie J was in the studio. When the producer returned home, Stevie J found $65k worth of his prized belongings destroyed by Joseline, who felt he was spending too much time in the studio with another woman.

Stevie J has been working with Faith Evans in the studio quite a bit lately according to TMZ. Apparently, Joseline Hernandez was pretty unhappy about all the time Stevie has been away. Rather than talk it out, Joseline decided to destroy around $65k worth of Stevie’s belongings.

Stevie J claims that Joseline threw bleach all over his bed and many of his prized possessions. Other items were smashed and cut to pieces during Joseline’s rage. Among the destroyed property was a Bad Boy jacket valued at $10k that was not only vintage but also a gift from Diddy. Joseline also destroyed $40k worth of clothes, $15k worth of Versace china, and at least 20 pairs of Stevie J’s shoes. TMZ also reported that Joseline ruined some of the Christmas gifts his children had given him.

Stevie J and Joseline have had some pretty explosive fights in the past, but Stevie J says this is the last time he will deal with Joseline’s bad temper. Of course, Stevie has said that about his estranged wife before, but this time he might just mean it.

Stevie J’s wife notoriously flipped out during the season 3 reunion of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Joseline had been sparring with just about all the females from the VH1 reality show throughout the season. When face to face with Althea Heart, Bezino’s fiancé, Joseline dove across the stage in a rage and started beating on her. Then she turned around and attacked Waka Flock’s wife Tammy Rivera too.

On her way offstage during the first day of taping the season 3 Love & Hip Hop reunion show, Joseline ran into Stevie J’s baby mama Mimi Faust and attacked her too. That whole ordeal added fuel to an existing feud between former best friends, Stevie J and Benzino, that ultimately led to Benzino and Althea’s exit from the show.

Could all this drama be a huge publicity stunt just in time for Stevie J and Joseline’s spinoff show? Stevie J and Joseline Do Hollywood is supposed to air the premiere on January 25 according to VH1. It seems like breaking Versace china and destroying expensive clothing is a bit extreme but it certainly got everyone’s attention.

Stevie J did make pictures of the damage available to TMZ for publication but has not discussed the incident with Joseline on social media at all. When asked by TMZ cameras if he would be taking Joseline back or if they were over for good, Stevie J seemed to evade the question. Instead, Stevie said he was a “Bad Boy for life” and that he was going to “follow (his) dreams and ambitions.” There are several pictures of Stevie J and Faith Evans on his Instagram page, though one of those dated right before Joseline destroyed $65k worth of Stevie’s stuff.

It will be interesting to see if Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are able to work things out in time for their big premiere. If not, Stevie J and Joseline Do Hollywood might only be one season long. If Joseline trashed Stevie J’s belongings as part of a big publicity stunt, then it looks like both reality star musicians will do whatever it takes to make sure their new show is a hit.

[Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for UrbanDaddy]