Jeb Bush Presidential Ad Calls Donald Trump A Jerk, But Is Bush Exploiting Those With Disabilities To Further His Own Campaign? [Video]

Let the mudslinging begin! Jeb Bush has created a television ad painting Donald Trump as a jerk. The ad focuses on Trump’s alleged mockery of Serge Kovaleski, a reporter who suffers from some physical disabilities. Though Trump adamantly denies he was mocking the reporter’s ailment, reports Fox News, the event is still a topic of heated controversy.

“The reporter took back what he said 14 years ago. Everybody knows it’s true that Muslims were cheering. … The Muslims worldwide were celebrating during 9/11. And all of sudden I was mocking somebody?

“I don’t mock people that have problems, believe me.”

As the presidential race intensifies, nominees are growing desperate to be the one to rise to the top and win the bid to run for the presidency. While Donald Trump has enjoyed a huge lead over the rest of the Republican party, it seems Jeb Bush is gunning to bring him down a few notches with his “jerk” ad.

Watch the Bush “jerk” ad below. If Donald Trump is a jerk for allegedly imitating those with disabilities, is Bush just as much of a jerk for using handicapped people to further his own campaign?

Does this “jerk” ad seem a little bit over the top, with Bush cuddling disabled people? One might wonder if he is using them to get ahead in the election. Is he going after a sympathy vote, perhaps?

According to CNN, Jeb Bush does have a history of going to bat for people with disabilities. As governor of Florida, he greatly improved programs to help the disabled, including revamping the Medicaid system.

These are great advancements and certainly should be applauded. However, Bush seems to be leaning too heavily on this topic. In fact, he has included a special needs activist as a helper in his campaign. Berthy De La Rosa-Aponte is the mother of a girl with developmental disabilities. Bush says she is the one who first brought the plight of the inadequate programs to his attention. Her daughter is featured in the “jerk” ad.

The Bush ad, entitled “Enough,” is currently running in New Hampshire. This state will hold a primary in February; the first for 2016 presidential nominees.

The Donald Trump “jerk” ad is the second ad the presidential hopeful has run in New Hampshire, according to Florida Politics. The first one, “Recovery,” revolves around a very personal story of drug abuse, featuring his daughter, Noelle.

“I have personal experience in this as a dad. My daughter, Noelle, was addicted to drugs. Today I called her to tell her I was going to talk about her in this public setting, it’s not easy to do. She said ‘Go, do it. I want to help.’

“She was put in jail, then she went to drug court. It was tough. It was really hard. I can look in people’s eyes and I know they have been through the same thing Columba and I have. There is a solution to this. But it requires leadership.”

At least the ad regarding drug abuse is actively tackling an issue the country is facing. What issue does the “jerk” ad take on? Certainly, those with special needs have challenges that others do not, and they need programs to help them with expensive therapies and equipment to improve their daily living.

The ad does not go into these points, however. It merely seems to be saying that Jeb Bush is a hero for the disabled, and Donald Trump is a jerk.

Do you think the Bush “jerk” ad is an appropriate presidential ad, or is it just more negative mudslinging that we would be better off without?

[Image credit: Morry Gash/Associated Press]