‘Neverwinter’ On Xbox One Call To Arms: Storm Front, Substantial Pack Sale Now Underway

Heroes on the Xbox One’s Neverwinter must rally for the latest Call to Arms event. The Call to Arms tasks players with completing the Storm Front skirmish during the week-long event for special rewards. Additionally, players can save a little money on the game’s special packs over the next week, and they can earn double the Enchantments and Runestones for the duration as well.

The Call to Arms: Storm Front, like any Call to Arms in Neverwinter, provides players of nearly any level a chance to complete the specific skirmish for special rewards. Players from levels six to 70 can sign up to complete the Storm Front skirmish this week. Players can head to the Protector’s Enclave for more information according to the official site. Simply speak with Garora Oakhew located in the Event Dais to learn more about skirmishes.

Complete the Storm Front skirmish while it is active as the Call to Arms instance gives players an opportunity to loot a number of special things. The Rimefire Golem, for instance, is a reward loot possibility. This companion buffs the players hit points, has three defense slots, and will unlock special defensive statistics at level 20. Other potential loot includes the Savage Enchantment, the Chill Wind Dye Pack, and Glacial Weapon Transmutation items.

The Savage Enchantment can be looted as rank one or rank two from enemies within the skirmish while a rank five enchantment can be rewarded once the skirmish is complete. This enchantment boosts critical strike and armor penetration if slotted in an offensive slot. If slotted in a defense slot, a character will gain hit points and life steal, and in a utility slot, the Savage Enchantment boosts gold find and experience.

The two cosmetic items players can loot from the Call to Arms: Storm Front event include the previously mentioned dye pack and weapon transmutation items. The Chill Wind Dye Pack lets players dye one set of armor with a pale grey and two shades of blue perfect for any wintry condition. The Glacial Weapon Transmutation Items let players transform their weapon to an icy appearance. These are not received at the completion of the Storm Front skirmish. Instead, both the dye and the weapon transmutation items can be purchased with the Medallions of Battle received for participating in the Call to Arms.

Players willing to spend a little money on Neverwinter can support the free-to-play game by buying an optional pack. For the next week, a number of packs are 15 percent off, a decent discount considering these packs can be as much as $75. According to the official site, nine packs are discounted for the duration of the sale. This includes the recent Knight of the Feywild Pack that includes a unicorn mount, the Moon Elf race, a Slyph companion, and much more. Many of the packs may contain races, armor, helpful items, titles, and other goodies. Xbox One players will need to log in to the game and visit the in-game store if they wish to purchase one of these packs.

All of these events and specials will end on Monday, January 18. Be sure to log in to Neverwinter today to take advantage of the latest pack sale, earn double the Enchantments and Runestones, or complete the Storm Front skirmish for a chance at epic rewards.

Clearly, Neverwinter on the Xbox One continues to update with new content, events, and more. Players on the console can enjoy the week-long event while anticipating the release of the next expansion in February. “Underdark,” the upcoming expansion module, is scheduled to release on February 9, and it will add a new hub area, two new skirmishes, a new 10-player raid, and much more. As the Inquisitr reported, the expansion will include brand new story content including a quest line written exclusively for Neverwinter by R. A. Salvatore. Not to mention, players will get to battle alongside legendary Drizzt Do’Urden when “Underdark” launches.

[Image via Perfect World Entertainment]