Miranda Sings Netflix Show: ‘Pregnant’ YouTuber Confirms New Series, ‘Haters Back Off’

Miranda Sings is coming to Netflix!

The popular YouTuber reportedly secured an eight-episode deal with Netflix for her new series titled, Haters Back Off.

Miranda Sings Netflix

According to Entertainment Weekly, comedian Colleen Ballinger-Evans (also known as “Miranda”) will star as the show’s leading lady. She will more than likely showcase the same tone-deaf, talentless, and self-centered persona that has helped her to build a following on YouTube of over 5.7 million subscribers.

The report states that Haters Back Off will focus on the life of Miranda Sings — giving her fans a closer look at her family life as she continue to boost her own self-centered ego and self-proclaimed fame.

“[Miranda is] an incredibly confident, totally untalented star on the rise who continues to fail upward by the power of her belief that she was born famous, it’s just no one knows it yet.”

To get a taste of the type of humor that Miranda Sings has become known for over the years, all you have to do is watch her video announcement titled “I’m Pregnant!”

Instead of immediately letting her fans and followers know that she has a new Netflix series in the works, she revealed that she was pregnant. However, moments after her big “announcement,” she went on to explain that her “pregnancy” essentially had more fine print than the average viewer may have realized.

“No, you perverts. I’m not doing the nasty… In my tummy, in my brain, in my mind, in my body… I have a baby. I’ve been nurturing this baby, taking care of this baby, loving this baby, doing everything for this baby. And this baby is… my very own TV show on Netflix.”

Miranda kept the comedy going by explaining how she was determined to do some charity work this year, which is why she agreed to help out the “little website” Netflix to get their feet off the ground.

Miranda Sings Netflix

She compared the stress and anxiety that a pregnant woman usually experiences when expecting a child to the stress and anxiety that she has felt while expecting her new Netflix series. The “pregnant” YouTuber even went as far as joking about how excited her uncle is about the show since it means that they will be able to experience “Netflix and chill” together.

With such an impressive social media following alone, the Miranda Sings series has a shot at becoming successful for Netflix. In addition to her 5.7 million YouTube subscribers, she also has over 2 million Twitter followers and over 1.5 million Facebook likes.

In addition, the success of her Netflix series could very well lead to the streaming media company deciding to develop series based on other popular YouTubers in the future.

Colleen Ballinger-Evans and her Miranda Sings persona have already used YouTube to become a popular internet star. They also have a New York Times bestselling book, Selp-Helf, to add to their growing list of accomplishments. That successful book even led to the development of Colleen’s popular Vimeo series, which shares the same title.

Perhaps the new Haters Back Off Netflix series will place Colleen and her alter-ego, Miranda Sings, one step closer to fame and fortune in Hollywood.

[Image Credit: Mike Windle/Getty Images]