Kris Jenner Keeps Kylie’s Money Safe From Tyga

Kris Jenner couldn’t stop Kylie and Tyga getting back together, but “mama bear” Kris isn’t going to let Tyga anywhere near Kylie’s money. Kylie and Tyga are officially a couple again, and Kris is worried that Kylie will need some motherly protection as the two try to fix their rocky relationship. According to In Touch, Kris is “not too thrilled” with Kylie’s boyfriend choice, and has no intention of making it easy on Tyga.

Certainly known for her motherly side, Kris Jenner has taken a protective role with her daughter after Kylie’s recent choice to get back together with her on again, off again man, Tyga. Stepping into the mother bear role, Kris has made it clear that if she can’t keep Kylie and Tyga apart, she can certainly keep Kylie’s money apart from Tyga.

The 26-year-old rapper has been in a rollercoaster relationship with the 18-year-old Jenner, and Kris has been more than clear about her distaste. Clearly, momager Kris has learned a thing or two about love in her 60 years. A source spoke to Hollywood Life about the issue of Kylie’s money, and explained that the Kardashian and Jenner sisters’ fortune is safe.

“When it comes to the money her girls have made, no man will touch that.”

The source made sure to include the 26-year-old rapper in that warning, adding,”Not even Tyga.” There was plenty more where that came from. Kris Jenner turns out to keep watch over on the family money in a very protective way,

“Kris has got a dead man’s grip on the family’s fortune.”

The Jenner fortune isn’t going anywhere, despite what Tyga may have hoped, as the source ensures us that Kris will “protect the empire and those dead presidents until the day she dies.” Wow! Looks like there’s no question about it, Tyga won’t be seeing any of that Jenner wealth anytime soon.

Kris’s motherly protection might come across as heavy-handed, but it isn’t all paranoia and mother-hen protectiveness. Tyga has already been accused of cheating on the much younger Kylie, who is eight years younger than him. He has also been caught texting a much younger 14-year old girl, which already looks pretty suspicious. Though the rapper claims the conversations were for completely professional reasons, it’s safe to assume that Kris sees it as a red-flag and trusts him even less than before. This tension between Kris and Tyga seems to be spilling out into Kylie’s own love life.

Despite these troubles, Kylie has been doing well with a series of excellent make-up tutorials, and has a super successful lip kit business. Even better, Jenner has recently starred in an amazing photo shoot. Kylie is really coming into her own as she comes to terms with adulthood, and in no small part thanks to the devotion of her mother. Kris is famous for supporting her daughters’ careers, and has shown real dedication to supporting her other daughters in the past

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]