'Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty' To Debut On A&E

Charlinda Robinson

During the season premiere of Duck Dynasty, there was a sneak-peek video during the second, thirty-minute episode titled "Flock and Key" of Jep and Jessica Robertson's new series, which premieres next week. The preview suggests that the new series will focus on Jep and Jessica's journey to add a new member to their family by adopting a baby.

Jessica posted to her Twitter page, "Hope y'all join us next week when #JepAndJessica #GrowingTheDynasty airs directly after @DuckDynastyAE." Fans commented back with plenty of congratulations and positive remarks about Jep and Jessica adopting.

Jessica remarked during the preview that it looks as though she and Jep are going to have a baby boy in the home. She also teared up talking about children who need families, and how she and Jep can make a difference. Jessica goes on to say that they will be changing a child's life forever, just as that child will change their lives. The preview shows that the road to adoption for Jep and Jessica is not easy, that there can be disappointment and at times even heartbreak to overcome when things fall through.

This wouldn't be the first child adopted into the large and loving Robertson family. Besides their three biological children (John Luke, Sadie, and Bella), Willie and Korie Robertson adopted their son, Willie Jr., at birth, and fostered oldest child, Rebecca, after she stayed with them as an exchange student from Taiwan. Although she was never formally adopted, she is definitely part of the Robertson family.

Fortunately, Jep has fully recovered after a serious health scare back in October of 2014, because with a new baby he and Jessica will need all the energy they can muster. The Hollywood Gossip reported that he had a seizure while hunting, and he tweeted during that time, "Well, I about died this past Sunday. I'm doing much better now. Thanks for all the prayers! #seizuressuck #gladtobealive."

Despite the health scare, he managed to keep his sense of humor, posting a split photo of himself posing in a hospital bed like the image of Steven Seagal, who is also in a hospital bed. A caption on the photo reads: "Just like Steven Seagal, I'm hard to kill." He is now back to his hilarious antics and as the youngest Robertson brother, he is often the recipient of pranks played on him by brothers Willy and Jase. He takes it all in good-natured stride, however.

The successful family-operated business, Duck Commander, has enriched the family and enabled them over the years to help many others in need. Their Christian faith is extremely important to them and every episode features the family praying, usually as they gather for an evening meal together. Jep and Jessica's new bundle of joy will become a part of this close-knit, loving and zany family.

Are you a fan of the Robertson family and Duck Dynasty? Will you be checking out the new series featuring Jep and Jessica's family? Leave your thoughts, comments and opinions below. The Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty premiere will air after Duck Dynasty on Wednesday, January 20 at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

[Image via Jep and Jessica Robertson/Facebook, cropped and resized]