'World Of Warcraft' Alpha Back Online, Rat Mount, Corgi Pets Revealed In Game's Files

After a holiday break, the alpha client of the next World of Warcraft expansion is back online. Players with access to the Legion alpha can once again reenter the servers for testing. More content, specializations, and other features of the expansion are now unlocked. Those who have access to the alpha are under no non-disclosure agreement, making the reopening of the alpha a welcome sight for those eager to learn more about Legion and how it will alter the 11-year-old World of Warcraft.

The Val'Sharah zone, the Darkheart Thicket dungeon, the Shaman Order Halls, and a handful of currently unlocked specializations are now accessible in the World of Warcraft alpha. Alpha players cannot currently copy characters over to the alpha, however, a high-level character template is available to get started right away. As it is noted on Battle.net, players with access to the alpha will know so thanks to an official email. Not to mention, the "In Development" area of the Battle.net launcher in "Region/Account" will contain the word alpha if access is granted.

World of Warcraft
An Enhancement Shaman in 'World of Warcraft: Legion' [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]The maximum level in Legion is 110, however, the level cap in the alpha is now 106. In addition to the opening of Val'Sharah, players can now test new abilities and talents for Vengeance Demon Hunters, Guardian and Restoration Druids, Marksmanship Hunters, Discipline Priests, and Elemental and Enhancement Shamans. Blizzard developers even put together a handy World of Warcraft graphic for the alpha's new additions.

Of course, not many players have access to the Legion alpha. Those interested in the development of the expansion can still enjoy the wealth of information provided by the alpha, though. Specifically, they can enjoy the material data mined by World of Warcraft fan or database websites that come with each new client release. The reopening of the alpha means new data mining is taking place with new information on what players can expect from the expansion. However, this is content currently in development and is subject to change.

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The corgi and fish mount as seen on WoWhead [Image via Blizzard Entertainment, WoWhead.com]New mounts, new pets, tier 19 armor, new models, and much more are already uncovered from the alpha client. Popular database website WoWhead is quick to reveal what the latest Legion alpha can tell players about the upcoming expansion. New data mined models, like those of new mount and pets, for example, give players a preview of what might be added to their collection after the expansion releases. An adorable fox mount, a giant rat mount, and seemingly a fish mount are all part of the latest World of Warcraft alpha client. A new corgi model and spectral versions of a bunny and a hippo are also included, however, it's unclear if these are obtainable battle pets at this time.

Other creature models, such as bats, dread ravens, kudos, wolves, and more, are also previewed. Some of these might just be creatures in the world, but World of Warcraft Hunters might want to check them out. It is always possible that they could be tamed. The wolves are especially interesting since they share a model with Skoll, the Spirit Beast in The Storm Peaks.


Several artifact weapon skins, tier 19 armor for Druids, and tier 19 armor for Shamans are also part of the WoWhead post. It does not contain any spoiler text, however, one of the models might be considered a minor spoiler for those looking to keeping Legion's story unknown until the expansion's release. A number of spells changes and abilities alterations are also part of the latest data mine; however, it is difficult to gather much from information like that considering it is an alpha test.

For players enjoying the live World of Warcraft client, January is a bit of a slow month. As the Inquisitr reported, Bonus Events are keeping things lively, though. Currently, the bonus Apexis Crystal event is underway providing the Sign of Apexis buff, to find significantly more Apexis Crystals, to all max level players. "The Time to Strike" Apexis weekly is also available for another 5,000 Apexis Crystals, 1,000 Garrison Resources, and 1,500 Oil.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]