Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi Adopt A ‘Kid,’ Stop Asking When They’ll Have Some

In a tongue in cheek reference to people asking when she and wife Portia de Rossi are going to start a family, reigning talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres reported that an adoptee will be joining their household. The adoptee happens to be a Brussels Griffon, whom the couple has named “Kid” in honor of the many times that they have been asked when they plan on starting a family.

“There have been rumors forever. ‘When are you and Portia gonna have a kid?’ So, now I can say we have a Kid. So it can just stop,” Ellen DeGeneres said, according to ABC News.

Speculation has been rife almost since the couple married in August, 2008, as to when they would decide to start a family of their own. Of course, the internet practically exploded at the headlines that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi had adopted.

While many sang praises that the couple have adopted, it is clear that there has been a dearth of individuals that actually read any of the articles that have since been posted. There are multiple posts from individuals that question how a lesbian couple can have children, when it was stated clearly in all videos of Ellen DeGeneres’ big announcement that she and de Rossi had adopted another dog.

However, the bulk of posts were quite positive and expressed a great deal of joy that the couple have adopted another dog. Ellen DeGeneres has often used her talk show to advocate for animal adoption, in addition to promoting a wealth of animal-related causes.

According to Today, Ellen DeGeneres has discovered a newfound respect for mothers of young children as a result of her new adoption.

“It really makes me appreciate what it’s like to be a mother, because I’m trying to hold a puppy while I’m trying to make coffee, and I can’t do anything,” she said. “He doesn’t let me do anything.”

Yahoo! Parenting reports that Ellen DeGeneres is also stunned at just how much energy Kid has. Kid is a 9-week-old, and DeGeneres admitted a rambunctious pup was a bit of a surprise as far as energy level went.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are also proud parents to dogs Wolf and Auggie, and cats Chairman, George, and Charlie. DeGeneres said that Wolf and Auggie are adapting well to the young pup being in the house and are “teaching him a lot.”

Ellen DeGeneres may be making headlines for having adopted a “kid,” but according to EllenTV, that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as her work with animals goes. She has been involved with the Humane Society, Farm Sanctuary, Downtown Dog Rescue, and the Big Life Foundation, among others. She has also been active in trying to help animals involved in natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy.

Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Adopt A "Kid"; Stop Asking When They'll Have Some

Ellen DeGeneres has also been recognized for her charitable works on an international level, thanks to the People’s Choice Awards. DeGeneres was named Favorite Humanitarian at the recent awards ceremony, where Melissa McCarthy acknowledged just how far reaching the comedian’s humanitarian work has gone. DeGeneres was typically modest in receiving the award, where she said that basically, she was only doing what all humans should do in the first place — be nice to one another.

“I just think that kindness is something that we should all have, that’s an innate quality that we have and we need more of that out there,” Ellen DeGeneres said in accepting the award, according to Daily Mail.

While the accolades for Ellen DeGeneres will doubtless continue to resound, it is life with a pup named Kid for the comedian and her wife, Portia de Rossi. While not everyone has responded positively because they did not go beyond the headlines, no doubt she and her wife will continue to embrace their new furry family member.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment]