Mother Says Principal Tried To Make Her Son, 12, Write Confession Of Being ISIS Terrorist Supporter After Bullying Incident

The mother of a 12-year-old student at East Islip Middle School in New York claims that the school principal tried to force her son to admit to being an Islamic State terrorist sympathizer after a bullying incident. Nashawn Uppal was being bullied by another student at the middle school when he claims the bully repeatedly called him a terrorist. After being tormented by the child, Uppal says he finally blurted out, “Yes, I am a terrorist.” Following the incident, the boy’s mother says the school principal called Uppal into the office and told him to write down a confession statement that he is in alliance with ISIS.

The Daily Mail reports that 12-year-old Nashawn Uppal claims he was the victim of a bullying event that led to the school principal requesting that he write a confession statement on paper that he was an ISIS terrorist group sympathizer. Nashawn says that he was being tormented by a bully at school who continually called him a terrorist. The student says that the bully repeatedly called him a terrorist and would ask what he was going to blow up next. Nashawn says he was fed up with the taunts, so eventually told the bully, “Yes, I am a terrorist and I am going to blow up the school fence.”

East Islip Middle School terrorist threat
East Islip Middle School officials allegedly told student to write terrorist admission statement after bullying incident. (Image via Google Earth)

However, Nashawn says that the statement was only made to get the other child to leave him alone. He is not a terrorist, but was sick of the other student making fun of him. However, the student says that after the incident, it wasn’t the bully that got reprimanded. Instead, the East Islip Middle School principal and assistant principal allegedly called Uppal into the office to request that he admit to being in alliance with ISIS by writing a confession on paper.

The student says that he refused to admit that he was a terrorist to Principal Mark Bernard or Assistant Principal Jason Stanton. Therefore, Uppal’s outraged mother says police were sent to their home. His mother, Nubaisha Amar, says that police searched their home and that she was not informed of the incident at the school until two hours after her son was questioned and told to admit he was a terrorist.

Following the incident, Nashawn’s mother says that police did not find anything questionable in their home, and that her son was simply being a boy. She says that the school should have investigated the incident further before sending police to their home.

Despite Uppal and his mother’s claims, the superintendent of East Islip Middle School, John Dolan, says that the reports are false and the school was “fair and appropriate” in their disciplinary actions. According to PIX 11, Uppal’s mother is now demanding that the principal and assistant principal be fired for their actions and treatment of her son.

“He suspend my son for what. He’s supposed to go ask the kids and investigate and he didn’t do his part.”

As a result of the incident, Nashawn Uppal was suspended for five days and maintains he only blurted out he was a terrorist due to the bullying. However, Uppal’s mother says she is not comfortable with Uppal returning to the school where she claims officials attempted to force her son into writing a serious false confession regarding terrorist activities.

What do you think of the school’s alleged reaction to the incident involving Uppal? If the child was told by school officials to write a false statement about involvement with a terrorist organization, should the principal and assistant principal be fired as the child’s mother suggests? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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