Anna Duggar Is Pregnant And Showing Powerful Faith

Anna Duggar is pregnant with her fifth child by bad boy husband Josh Duggar. So what is really going on? She just had a baby last summer, and now, with her husband still in rehab for sex addiction, Anna is yet again with child. With great love, hope and faith in her heart, she is ready to rebuild her family and her trust in Josh.

Anna Duggar is a woman of unwavering faith, who apparently, against what some fans would call common sense, is pregnant yet again. Faith doesn’t have to be logical, though, only steadfast, and Anna is proving herself to be very steadfast. She is committed to her marriage and her family, and sees that it would be best for everyone involved to repair her broken relationship with Josh and rebuild the life they once had. She is thinking of her children, but also considering her own heart. Anna Duggar is pregnant, and she loves Josh still. She has great love for the entire Duggar family, and so she will stand by them all.

Anna Duggar Expresses Her Joy

The Inquisitr reported that Josh and Anna were working on their relationship. According to Radar Online, Anna Duggar is extremely happy to be pregnant. She told a family insider she had forgiven Josh and had make up sex with him over the Christmas holidays, when she visited him at the rehab center. Then she explained that she thought she was pregnant, and the baby was a sign of God’s forgiveness.

“The baby is a sign that God has forgiven Josh for his many sins.”

Anna Duggar A Christian Example

Anna Duggar believes that God has forgiven Josh and she forgives him, too. While Anna expresses that her husband has betrayed other Christians by his poor example, she is standing in the gap for Josh, and being the best example of Christian forgiveness on American television today. While other family members are wavering a bit in the wake of Josh’s behavior, Anna Duggar, pregnant and just really hoping and praying for the best, is proving herself to be a great example of what it means to be a Christian.

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Josh Duggar Is Also An Example Of The Provisions Of Faith

In a way though, perhaps Josh too, is being an example of what it means to be a Christian from the other side of the circumstances. The Bible is full of sinners with great faith. David was a murderer as well as an adulterer, yet he was a man after God’s own heart. Noah got drunk and lay in his tent naked, after saving the bloodline of mankind from drowning. Paul, formerly known as Saul, approved of the stoning of Stephen, and went on to be the greatest pastor of all. Peter denied Christ three times in one night, but today he is considered the foundation of all churches. Jesus said that when we sin, he is our advocate with the Father. The clear message is, God forgives and we should too.

The full story of Josh Duggar’s life has not yet been told. We do not know how Josh will turn out, and truly Anna doesn’t either. Faith does not change the fact that Josh has the free will to do as he wants, or as his compulsions lead him. Still, Anna has a right to stand in faith and pray for her husband as she stands by him. Anna Duggar, pregnant, heart broken and yet full of faith, should be an example to all of us. She is showing faith, loyalty and love.

Duggar family in their living room

Josh Duggar, Hypocrite, or Nothing So Unusual?

Many people, Christian and not, are highly critical of Josh, even though Anna Dugger has forgiven him. He seems to be the very definition of hypocrisy. It is easy for others to look at public figures and expect them to be perfect, but in reality, Christ himself said, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” So who is ready to throw some more rocks at Josh? True, not everyone feels up their sisters, but a lot of people have experimented with their siblings at some age. In any event, everyone has done something wrong in their life. Maybe they have a bad attitude or bitterness in their heart, or they have some addiction and they cannot stop.

There are a lot of guilt ridden people out there with secrets similar to the one Josh Duggar has. Perhaps they should look deeply into the face of Anna Duggar because she, is showing them what it is truly like to be Christ like. Instead of focusing on those other Christian who are quick to judge, we should all look to Anna Duggar, pregnant, innocent, vulnerable, and forgiving.

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