Phaedra Parks Says She Will Always Be There For Mama Joyce And Kandi Burruss, Gives Update On Todd Tucker Situation

Phaedra Parks wasn’t bothered by Mama Joyce’s visit to talk about Kandi Burruss. In her latest blog post for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, posted on Wednesday, Phaedra revealed what was going through her mind when Kandi’s mom walked in her office. Phaedra also gave an update on where things stand with Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker.

Phaedra said that while she didn’t expect Mama Joyce’s visit, it was a nice surprise. Phaedra pointed out that she’s a mother herself and also had two high-risk pregnancies so she understood Mama Joyce’s concern that Kandi not be under any stress. Instead of finding Mama Joyce’s talk threatening or accusatory in any way, Phaedra liked that Mama Joyce acknowledged her long and deep friendship with Kandi. While viewers have watched Phaedra’s friendship with Kandi go through some major ups and downs on the last and current season, Phaedra maintained that she will always be there for Kandi, in addition to Mama Joyce.

“As mothers we are always concerned about our children. Similar to Kandi, I had two high risk pregnancies, so I understand her concern. I appreciate that Mama Joyce acknowledged that Kandi and I have a long history together and we have shared life changing moments. I am glad that she knows at the end of the day I will always be there for her and Kandi.”

As for Mama Joyce later asking her to help with planning Kandi’s baby shower, Phaedra admitted that she was surprised by the request. Phaedra took the request as further proof of how Mama Joyce knows how much she and Kandi mean to one another. Phaedra, whose elaborate events filmed for the show include a sip-n-see, a “dedication ceremony” birthday party, and an inaugural-themed christening party, cheekily added that everyone knows how much she loves planning extravagant events.

“I appreciate her acknowledging the big picture of our connection and including me in the plans. And everybody knows I love planning extravagant events.”

On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers saw Kandi Burruss shopping for nursery furnishings with her mother. Mama Joyce asked Kandi what was going on with her friendship with Phaedra Parks. Kandi admitted that things between her and Phaedra, with whom she used to be really good friends, still need to be worked out. Mama Joyce declared that she’ll see Phaedra herself to try to work things out. Not surprisingly, Kandi told her mom to stay out of it.

Mama Joyce didn’t listen to Kandi. Mama Joyce went to Phaedra’s office and asked her what happened with Kandi since they were so close for so long. Phaedra said that they just had a misunderstanding, and things got blown out of proportion a bit. Mama Joyce reminded Phaedra that Kandi’s pregnancy is high-risk, and she doesn’t want anyone to cause any kind of stress. Phaedra agreed that they will work to keep Kandi calm and collected. Phaedra then agreed to help plan Kandi’s baby shower.

As for what’s going on between her and Kandi Burruss’ husband, Todd Tucker, Phaedra said it’s being handled the way it should be.

“The matter is finally being handled in professional manner on both sides and in the correct venue and context. So I am pleased with the progression. The fat lady has not yet sung, but she is warming up.”

Phaedra and Todd were previously arguing over the final payment, amounting to several thousands of dollars, that Phaedra had yet to pay him for a prenatal workout DVD that he worked on for her years ago. On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra, after her meeting with Mama Joyce, had a meeting with Todd. She saw the completed video and agreed to pay the remaining amount due. While they came to an agreement, Phaedra made sure to throw in some snide remarks, stating that that she had no intention of releasing the video because it wasn’t up to par with her standards. Phaedra also said that she’s just going to pay Todd since he clearly needs the money and it’s just loose change to her. Todd happily joked that he should give some of the money to Mama Joyce.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Phaedra Parks paid a visit to Kandi Burruss and her new son, Ace Maxwell, at the hospital last week. Phaedra also attended Kandi’s big baby shower in November 2015.

[Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]