‘New iPad’ May Be Reverting Back To One-LED Setup To Solve Overheating Problems

The third generation of the Apple iPad (new iPad) may be reverted back to a one-LED backlighting setup as opposed to the devices currently two-LED setup. The move according to DigiTimes is meant to solve an overheating problem that some users have complained about since the device was released for sale.

According to experts it’s not only the extra light that is causing the overheating but also the extra power needed to run them which puts a strain on the device’s battery.

The move would fall right into line with a recent announcement by Apple in which developers claim to be working on a new battery that is lighter weight and matches the thickness of the iPad 2.

Chinsese language website Apple Daily also claims that Apple is switching over to the Sharp-produced IGZO display panel which will improve thinness and battery life even more. If that rumor is true Samsung could be out millions of orders.

The changes to the new iPad likely won’t be witnessed until the holiday shopping season.

Apple is no stranger to changing out components on its products, even in their current generation. The iPad 2 received improved battery performance through a revision that was never officially announced by the team at Apple.

In fact Apple makes so many changes to their lines of products that I typically warn against running out to purchase Apple’s newest products until they have been on the market for at least 6 months, unless you don’t mind receiving a technologically inferior product at the same price point as someone who buys a better product with the same name six months later.