Kris Jenner Dishes Which Daughter Should Be On ‘The Bachelor’: Offers Rob $1 Million To Go To Rehab [Video]

Is Kris Kardashian done with her much younger boyfriend, Corey Gamble? In a recent interview on Bachelor Live on Monday night, Kris did indicate she is single now, confirming the news when presenters Chris Harrison and Chris Soules asked her if she’s through with Gamble.

But despite the confession, sources tell TMZ that Kris and Corey are still going strong, and the pair were recently spotted at dinner together, and as recently as December 29, 2015 the pair were seen getting cozy on a luxury yacht in Gustavia, St. Barths. During dinner aboard the luxury boat, Corey was spotted affectionately stroking the back of his lady’s neck as Kris dug into her meal.

Kris also reportedly recently handed over $2 million to Gamble for a ring, and Jenner has been fending off engagement rumors since. According to Starcasm, Kris handed over the wad of cash, instructing Corey on exactly which engagement ring to buy because she does not trust his sense of style.

During the interview on Bachelor Live, Kris Jenner also dished about which daughter she would love to see on The Bachelor. Although most of her daughters are matched up, Kris did have an answer. According to the momager, “one of the younger ones” is her most likely choice, although she “could talk” any of her children into being on the show. Kris confessed, however, that even if she said yes later, Kendall Jenner would not go for it at first.

When asked about whether she had ever dated former The Bachelor host Ben Flajnik, an amused Kris Jenner said no, commenting that she and Ben “are very good friends. So no.”

Kris also got real during the live interview, and said she identifies with contestant Amanda, who is a single mother of two from Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Telling viewers that she was once single with four children, she “can relate to her 150 percent.” As a single parent, Kris felt “unlovable” and believed nobody would want her.

She praised Amanda for including her kids, “which is really sweet and he’s embraced that, which I think is awesome.”

Despite her cheeriness on the show, however, Kris is rumored to be very concerned about Rob Kardashian, who was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes due to his excessive weight gain. She’s so concerned, in fact, that she offered Rob $1 million to go to rehab!

According to a Jenner insider, Kris offered the fat check because the concerned mother “thinks that one way to get through to him might be by using money.” Rob had been living with Khloe for a while and staying fit with daily workouts, but now is rumored to have moved out and into his own place. And Kris is terrified for his health.

The insider also indicated that Jenner sees a story to capitalize on. Insisting that Rob go to rehab when Keeping Up With The Kardashians is filming, “Kris looks at Rob’s health crisis as a potential story line for the show.”

Although the most reclusive member of the Kardashian clan surely wants privacy, Kris “wants him to let cameras inside of his struggle.” While Kris Jenner “believes that this downward spiral would make for great ratings,” it is obvious Jenner is most concerned with the health and happiness of her son first.

Rob was diagnosed with diabetes recently, after feeling breathless during a work out. Khloe initially thought he was being dramatic, but soon realized there was a problem after Rob went to the hospital. To prove just how serious his health is, Rob’s kidneys and pancreas are reportedly not functioning like they should, and he needs help now.

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[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]