'Full House' Ashley Olsen Freaks Out At Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Amy Feinstein

Ashley Olsen, also known as half of the Olsen twins, is hiding out due to a botched plastic surgery procedure. Considering she is not even 30, the drastic overhaul seems excessive, but Olsen is no stranger to the plastic surgeon. Hopefully for Ashley Olsen, the work she has had done is reversible, but literally, only time will tell.

According to the Inquisitr, the other half of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate Olsen, recently married Olivier Sarkozy in a smoke-filled New York townhouse. Neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley Olsen is participating in Fuller House, the Full House reboot. They are no longer in the business of acting, and according to John Stamos, that is why they are passing on the Netflix show, Fuller House. But the Olsens are still back in the fashion game.

"Just before the holidays, Ashley underwent a simple filler procedure called a liquid facelift, but it went horribly wrong," an insider told In Touch of the surgery that requires doctors to use needles to fill cheeks and the jaw with filler or fat.

But just after the procedure, something went very wrong.

"It caused her face to swell, bruise and blacken," revealed the insider. "Ashley freaked out when she saw it. It was a nightmare."

It turns out Olsen had a complication called necrosis, or tissue death, where the skin turns black and dies.

"She was a complete mess through the tedious sessions," said the insider.

Unfortunately for Olsen, she may have a permanent mark from damaged skin on one of her cheeks.

Ashley Olsen was ordered into a hyperbaric chamber to receive oxygen therapy. But Olsen has not learned her lesson to age gracefully.

"She will definitely get fillers again — she just won't go back to the same doctor... she'll never give up [plastic surgery]," a source claimed.

"The Full House alum learned that she had 'necrosis in which tissue dies because a lack of blood flow. If not treated quickly, necrosis can cause permanent damage, severe scarring and even blindness.'"

"28-year-old MK … who's engaged to 45-year-old Olivier Sarkozy … didn't quite go full-Zellweger, but something's up," TMZ wrote.

The twins have also gone for different hair colors, styles, and have changed their overall looks.

The Daily Mail said that the Olsen twins are doing their best to stop looking like twins. Fans have taken to social media to complain that the Olsens no longer look like themselves.

"I'm so saddened by Mary-Kate Olsen's plastic surgery decisions," wrote @jamieATD.

"Mary-Kate Olsen was good looking then plastic surgery happened," tweeted @KatieSchwanz.

Others have complained that it is a shame that such young women have gone so far as to dramatically change their looks in what seems like desperation. The Olsens both seem to be unhappy with their appearance, as Mary-Kate has struggled with anorexia and is a rabid chain smoker.

Do you think it is strange that such a young woman needs a facelift?

[Photo by Ilya Savenok/Getty Images]