Louis Tomlinson: Was One Direction Star Snared Into Being A ‘Meal Ticket’

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is reportedly set to become a father for the first time later this month. U.K. tabloid the Sun broke the story back in July that Louis had hooked up with L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth and, as a result, Tomlinson was set for fatherhood. The story had only just broken before many of Louis’ fans smelled a rat. The fact that the news had been broken as an exclusive by Pete Samson didn’t inspire confidence in many of Tomlinson’s fans.

Since then, both the mainstream media and the internet has been awash with rumor and speculation about baby Tomlinson. Many believe that the Briana pregnancy was some sort of PR stunt that had gone badly awry. Others have argued that Briana is not and never has been pregnant, and a third group say that Briana is pregnant but that Louis is not the father.

In the intervening months, rumors about baby Tomlinson have been rife. To date, Jungwirth has never spoken publicly about Louis or the baby, though members of her family have used social media to trash Tomlinson. Louis himself has only made the briefest of statements when, in an interview on Good Morning America, he said he was “buzzing” at the news. Not only does Louis not want to talk about the matter, it has been reported that Tomlinson has banned journalists from asking questions about the issue.

Of course, where a pregnancy is concerned, there has to be an end game — after all, a pregnancy must end, and baby Tomlinson is due at the end of this month. For months, Louis’ fans have been questioning how the whole matter would turn out. We may now be starting to see a glimpse of the story’s conclusion.

Life and Style have reported that Briana is set for a battle with Louis over money. The “supermarket” magazine claims that an “unnamed friend” of Briana’s has told them that Jungwirth believes that she should be able to net around $58,000 a month from Louis.

“Louis didn’t buy her a house. He prepaid the rent for six months. And it isn’t in a luxury gated community or anything. It’s a standard, cookie-cutter home with a very small backyard and zero of the amenities Briana was expecting for her and her soon-to-be-born son.

“Briana feels she could rake in at least $58,000 a month.”

Unreality TV picks up on the story claiming that Louis sent Briana a load of IKEA flat-pack furniture and left “nine-month pregnant Briana to assemble it herself.”

M magazine slams Tomlinson as “awful” for leaving Briana to assemble a crib alone. Admittedly, that prospect is likely to evoke a strong reaction. You know what, though, Briana has family around her. The likelihood of her sitting trying to assemble a flat-pack alone is a remote one, indeed.

Given the comments above by Life And Style, many people will be asking if Louis Tomlinson was set up to be a meal ticket for the Jungwirth family. We know that there were very likely contacts between Briana’s family and Tomlinson before Jungwirth and Tomlinson even met. It is believed that Jungwirth’s uncle is involved in the company that supplied the chimp for one Direction’s “Steal My Girl” video.

Let’s face it, the Jungwirths wouldn’t be the first people to attempt to get their daughter into a good marriage. It’s hardly unusual — in many parts of the world, arranged marriages into good families are the norm. Could it be that Jungwirth deliberately got herself pregnant to earn a meal ticket?

Tomlinson is renowned as someone who cares deeply about children. Only yesterday, we reported in the Inquisitr about the extraordinary lengths Louis and his family went to to support the family of Harvey Hext, a little boy who was claimed by childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. Does that sound like a man who doesn’t care about his own child?

Could the reason that Louis has not spoken about baby Tomlinson be that he is anticipating a legal battle with Jungwirth, and he does not want to prejudice the case? It is entirely possible that Tomlinson won’t commit himself to acknowledging the baby as his until a paternity test is carried out. Frankly, it wouldn’t be the first time that a famous person has been snared in such a trap.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]