Beyonce ‘Begging’ Kim Kardashian For Baby Boy Advice

Beyonce is “desperate” for a baby boy to be a son to Jay Z and a little brother to Blue Ivy, so the singer is asking for help from someone who knows about boy babies. Beyonce turned to Kim Kardashian for some advice about adding a baby boy to the family. Watching Kim and Kanye expand their family with Saint reportedly might have made Beyonce insecure and feeling some envy about the Kardashian-Wests. Hollywood Life reports that she’s “dying to add a baby boy to the family.”

There have been reports that Beyonce is actually pregnant, but there is no confirmation of the rumors. The “Flawless” singer has been spotted “rocking what appears to be a pretty noticeable bump” recently and wearing suspiciously loose clothing that might serve to cover a baby bump.

TMZ reported on January 11 that when Beyonce was seen leaving the Son of a Gun in West Hollywood, her clothing and posture made it appear that she had “room for two” under her loose jacket. She was even holding her arms over her stomach to keep the jacket from accidentally falling open and giving a glimpse of the possible baby bump.

Beyonce Pregnant: Singer Spotted With a Baby Bump, Baby No 2 Reason for…

— Beyonce Update (@iBeyonceHub) January 14, 2016

A few days later, Beyonce dressed of character in a way that was “unlike her.” At Blue Ivy’s fourth birthday party, instead of dressing up in her usual style, Beyonce “wore a baggy sweatshirt.” That might have been no more than a nod to Kim Kardashian’s comfy New Year’s Eve style (People magazine described Kim’s own relaxed party look), but it could just as easily be a way to camouflage her baby bump.

If Beyonce, 34, isn’t pregnant yet, there’s no question that she really wants to be. She’s been trying hard for a few months to add baby No. 2 to her family. A source shared some inside info with Hollywood Life, explaining that Beyonce feels Jay Z has “given her everything she’s wanted in life,” and giving him a son would be the “ultimate gift” that “every father dreams of.” Bey wants to give Jay Z that ultimate gift.

“Beyonce’s definitely trying to get pregnant.”

Whether or not Beyonce has already accomplished her dream of becoming pregnant with a son, the singer is reportedly doing everything she can to prepare for a possible baby boy in the family. One thing that’s been a big help to her is getting together by phone for some woman-to-woman chats with recent new mom Kim Kardashian. Movie News Guide writes that Beyonce has been “interrogating” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star about Kim’s experience with her own baby boy. Beyonce’s been asking Kim about her pregnancy, but she’s especially interested in the way Saint and Kanye interact. The songstress loves the special bond that Saint and Kanye share and wants the same thing for Jay Z and his son.

“But even more than that, B’s been interrogating Kim about what it’s like to have a son and asking about Kanye and Saint’s interactions.”

Kim did her best to make sure Bey is happy and “at ease,” sharing with her friend how much she loves to see Kanye and Saint together. Kim explained that every time she sees Kanye holding the baby boy, “she wants to cry.”

“There’s something magical that happens to him when he holds Saint.”

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