Spice Girls 2016 Reunion Hits A Snag, Victoria Beckham Bails Out

Multiple sources have stated that a Spice Girls get-together concert tour is in the works. Members of the famous ’90s girl group have also hinted on reunion preparations in several interviews. However, there have been talks that one of the girls will not be able to join the anniversary concert tour.

Recent reports confirm that Victoria Beckham is no longer participating in the upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour this year.

The sad news will surely break the hearts of many Spice Girls fans, who have kept their hopes up. Previous reports confirmed that Beckham (a.k.a Posh Spice) had changed her mind about the concert, and agreed to take part in the much-anticipated reunion. The fashion designer reportedly decided to perform with the rest of the girls on one condition – her family comes first.

Victoria Beckham, 41, denied the rumors, which means the girls will have to do the reunion without her as she has been busy juggling her career and family life. The former member of the English girl band is so hands-on with her family and fashion empire that she has little time for her bandmates, let alone a music tour.

Reps for Posh Spice stated that the singer “has been very respectful about the fabulous time they had together in the past, however her focus is now very much her family and fashion business.”

It has been previously reported that Victoria Beckham agreed to perform with Spice Girls Mel B., Mel C., Geri Halliwell, and Emma Bunton, to a few select shows for the band’s upcoming 20th anniversary. It was also believed that the singer would be performing in London shows only, which were expected to take place during the summer months so that she can focus on her husband and four young children. The past year has been very stressful for the career-oriented mom, so she wanted to make time for her family.

Victoria Beckham speaks fondly of her family

“She already has a lot on her plate with her design empire,” a source told Closer Magazine during the time Victoria Beckham was rumored to reunite with the girls.

The source also revealed that it was Beckham’s husband, David, who convinced her to join their get-together tour. The girls were also persistent in persuading her to take part in the reunion.

“The girls had been trying to persuade Victoria to join the tour and Mel B was furious at her for refusing to get involved,” claimed the insider.

Mel B, a.k.a. Scary Spice, allegedly stated that she will not perform unless the gang is complete.

“(Victoria) did a lot of thinking over the festive period and realized that while she couldn’t commit to the entire tour, she at least owed it to the girls and their fans to show her support and do a couple of London gigs,” the insider said, explaining why Victoria Beckham had a change of heart.

However, Beckham’s representatives have already spoken out about the issue, confirming the mother of four did not agree to such plans. “She is not – no – just the usual, made up, nonsense!!” her reps told OK!

It would definitely be sad to see them onstage without Posh in the lineup, as this year will mark the 20th anniversary of their first single “Wannabe.” With Mel B refusing to perform without Beckham, does this mean that the much-awaited reunion will have to be postponed until Posh agrees to participate? With fans growing impatient about this once-in-a-lifetime gathering, organizers are seriously considering whether the show will go on.

The Spice Girls reunion will commemorate the 20th year of their first single

The four remaining members of the Spice Girls have yet to speak about the real involvement of Victoria Beckham in the event.

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