Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio’s Pink And Purple Dog Enrages PETA

It doesn’t really matter who you are, if PETA has an axe to grind, they’re coming for you. Case in point: Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is ruffling feathers over photos of the model’s multicolored dog.

Ambrosio was on the receiving end of some nastygrams when PETA learned that the model had dyed her puppy’s hair pink and purple. The animal rights organization released a statement after finding out about the situation, saying, “What most people don’t know is that dyeing a companion animal’s fur can cause the animal stress and can lead to complications or allergic reactions that endanger the animal’s health. Our dogs and cats love us regardless of how we look; why not extend the same kindness to them?” in the statement released by E!Online.

Call me unenlightened, but I actually did not know that dyeing a dog’s fur could do that. My first thought upon seeing Ambrosio’s dog was “Aww, cute dog!” and when I heard PETA was upset over it, I was like “Oh, come on…” but after reading their statement, well, they make a lot of sense! Sorry I misjudged you, PETA. Hope we can still be friends!

In any case, the Victoria Secret superstar isn’t the only one who’s been on the receiving end of some criticism by the animal rights group for dyeing a dog. Jersey Shore cast members Snooki and JWoww have gotten bit for doing so, and so have Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Kim Kardashian got it once too, according to DigitalSpy.

Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame was spotted last month with a pink poodle, but the dog belonged to a friend and was dyed pink to support a breast cancer charity, notes The Sun. No word on how PETA addressed that one. Here’s more photos!

Alessandra Ambrosio and her dog

The pink-and-purple pup