‘Pimp’ Justin Bieber Stringing Hailey Baldwin Along? Bieber Refuses To Give Up Hugh Hefner-style Harem Of Sex Partners

Poor Hailey Baldwin — the nineteen-year-old model and daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin is determined to make longtime pal Justin Bieber her boyfriend. But it looks like Hailey may have started her campaign too soon after Justin’s breakup with long-time girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Hailey is sick of waiting patiently for Justin to commit to her. The model has reportedly issued an ultimatum to the Canadian crooner: “Man up” and commit to her exclusively.

Hailey was very clear about what will happen if Justin doesn’t do this: “You would lose me.”

“Hailey is sick of being Justin’s fallback girl,” according to the new report. A source told Hollywood Life,

“She demanded he stop stringing her along. She said he would lose her if he didn’t man up and show he was serious about her.”

The couple holidayed together in the Caribbean over New Years. Rumors that Hailey and Justin had been spotted “passionately kissing” at a party soon emerged, as reported by The Mirror. Many fans initially brushed this off, saying the pair have been friends for years and repeatedly denied that they are a couple.

However, “Jailey” appeared to be confirmed when a photograph of the blonde pair kissing finally emerged.

Bieber-watchers had only just recovered from the news that Justin had been sleeping with Kourtney Kardashian. Many wondered if the older brunette, who was reportedly thrilled with the attention from 21-year-old Justin, would feel slighted or betrayed when she learned about the new hookup.

If Kourtney felt betrayed, she didn’t let stand between herself and her sister Kendall Jenner and friend Hailey. The Daily Mail reported that the three women had a girl’s night out shortly after Kendall and Hailey’s return from the tropics (Kendall was there with rumored lover Harry Styles).

Stunning Kendall Jenner has also apparently hooked up with Justin in the past. This led TMZ to headline this article about the girly evening: “Kourtney, Kendall And Hailey — Bieber’s Conquests Party Together.”

hi Jordy ????

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Hollywood Life reported that Justin was equally happy to see the three together. In fact, the Purpose hunk felt like “the pimp of the new year,” especially after it emerged that the girls had gushed about him and shared info about what a great kisser he is. According to a source,

“Justin feels like the pimp of the new year. He thinks he’s larger than Hugh Hefner these days. Seeing three of his love interests together, looking sexy and being cordial to one another will be one of the highlights of 2016. Justin was obviously the topic of conversation.”

New Years ????

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Was Hailey holding in her true feelings and putting on a brave face when she met with Justin’s other hookups? Perhaps the blonde felt confident she would emerge as the “favorite” girlfriend (it’s worth noting that Hugh Hefner himself usually had one of those) but is now panicking because Justin seems determined to keep playing the field, and to treat all his hookups equally, as well as casually.

Justin told Ryan Seacrest earlier this year that he would like to be “alone for a while” following his split with Selena Gomez, and that his career is keeping him busy.

Justin was also accused of stringing Selena along for an extended period, to the extent that the actress withdrew and recently told the press she is “beyond done talking about [Justin].”

Was Hailey naiive to try to rope the superstar in as her boyfriend when he had clearly indicated that he is not ready? And when she had seen firsthand the sort of devastation the Canadian can wreak on the hearts of his paramours?

According to Us Weekly,

“[T]he Biebs has been adamant about remaining single. During an interview with Us Weekly this past October, the crooner said he’s not looking for a relationship. “I’m not really ready to date right now. I’m just trying to just focus on my music.”

Need to get back out and play some puck

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Losing Justin would probably be difficult for the blonde model — the pair appear close, and Hailey was even photographed attending to Justin’s cute younger brother and sister during their sojourn in the Caribbean.


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Hopefully the longtime friends will get through this bump and remain close, whether or not they end up romantically involved.

Is Justin Bieber “the pimp of the New Year”? Is that an impressive string of hookups?

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