Lady Gaga Standing Up Against Harassment And Assault, Slapped With Lawsuit

Lady Gaga can make a statement like no one else, which is perhaps why she is the perfect person to speak out against sexual harassment and assault. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Lady Gaga has collaborated with Oscar-winning song writer Diane Warren to write the song “Til It Happens to You,” which will be used in a new documentary called The Hunting Grounds, which brings to light the epidemic of college campus crime.

In an interview with Lady Gaga and Warren, Gaga speaks about how difficult it is to sing the song.

“Every time I sing that song it’s difficult for me.”

What brought these two women together? They share a bond through having both experienced sexual assault when they were younger. They want to help ensure this type of crime is eradicated from the world. Warren wrote the lyrics of the song and then Lady Gaga took it from there.

“It was just beautiful. Then we met and I started to play it and sing it and I would say, ‘Diane, what do you think of this?’ She took what she already had, and then she gave it to me and she said, ‘Make it yours.'”

Lady Gaga also talked about her own experience with rape, which happened when she was 19 years old.

“I was already Lady Gaga when it happened. It was someone that I knew, and it was done to manipulate me in conjunction with money and my music, and it was terrifying. It’s something that changed me forever, and it made me question everything about what I had done to be where I am today. I thought to myself, ‘Did I do something wrong to bring this on myself? What did I do?'”

Billboard reports that Lady Gaga is also teaming up with Vox Media, Intel, and Re/code, via her Born This Way Foundation, to fight online harassment. Even Lady Gaga’s mother, who co-founded the Born This Way Foundation, is onboard, saying that with young people spending more time online these days, the fight against online harassment is more important than ever.

“Young people are spending more time online than ever before, making it more important than ever before to face this problem head on.”

Philanthropic work aside, Lady Gaga is making waves in the media for another reason. Page Six reports that she has been hit with a plagiarism lawsuit by French artist Orlan.

Orlan’s lawsuit is against the creative team that produced Lady Gaga’s video “Born This Way,” which features Lady Gaga with prosthetic lumps on her forehead and cheeks, an idea Orlan believes they stole from her.

The lawsuit was originally filed in Paris in 2013, asking for 7.5 percent of the profits from “Born This Way” or a flat payment of $31.7 million. He has now filed the lawsuit in New York.