College Football Player Has Unfortunate Name For Kicker

Playing college football can be tough even for the most seasoned performer as fans taunt you on what is likely your first “big stage” but when your name is “Chris Blewitt” you can expect things to be a whole lot worse for any kick you miss.

Recruited to play for Pittsburgh’s 2013 class Blewitt at least has some decent talent on his side, after all it’s not every day a kicker receives a scholarship to play college ball.

Blewitt during his time at West Potomac High in Alexandria, Va. was not only the target of opposing teams fans, when he missed a kick his own schools fans would use his name against him.

In the meantime college recruits must have seen something special in Chris because he didn’t play football until high school and was recruited by some friends because they needed a kicker and he played soccer. A couple of weeks ago during a football camp he was apparently good enough to impress Pittsburgh coaches which in turn led to a football scholarship.

Speaking to the Washington Post Chris Blewitt says of his new team:

“They said I could do whatever I want, start my true freshman year and be their kicker. They really wanted me, they gave me everything I would have wanted. It didn’t seem like anything else was matching up to them.”

During his senior year Blewitt made 10 field goals and 49 extra points.

If the kickers last name sounds familiar that might be because in 2001 and 2011 a Harvard kicker by the name of Anders Blewett also played the sport.