Natalie Guercio Explains 'Mob Wives' Departure And Reacts To Premiere

The premiere of Mob Wives Season 6, which aired Wednesday night, was without Natalie Guercio. Natalie, who was on the show's fourth and fifth seasons was brought on the show as one of Season 4's "new blood" from Philadelphia, along with Alicia DiMichele. While Alicia left the show after Season 4, Natalie continued on for another season.

Why is Natalie no longer on the show? According to Natalie, it was her decision to leave the show and one that she made partly because of money Hours before the airing of the premiere episode, Natalie responded to a viewer who asked about her departure.

Natalie also confirmed that she won't be on the new season at all.
Natalie revealed that she was leaving the show in December 2015. She tweeted that she decided to move on to "bigger, better and more positive things." She assured her fans that they'll see her back on TV soon. Included with her message was a risque photo of herself.
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Natalie Guercio tweeted in July that she was asked back for the sixth season. She teased that the other cast members on the show likely aren't responding well to that. Her former co-star, Alicia DiMichele, with whom she forged a good friendship with on Season 4, told her not to do it. It seems that Natalie took Alicia's advice to heart.

In an interview with Radar Online in March 2015, Natalie admitted that she wasn't sure she wanted to return to the show.

"Do I want to be on a show that condones domestic violence or be around people who condone domestic violence and talk bad about our law enforcement? I have to really consider that. I also have to consider if I'm going to keep being the target to these women. I am not having a repeat of what I had the past two seasons. I am 32 years old. I am so much younger than all these women, yet they act younger than me. I've never in my life witnessed this type of behavior with anyone."
On Season 4, Natalie and Renee Graziano got into a physical fight stemming from Renee not liking that Natalie once said that her date smelled "delicious." On Season 5, most of the other cast members turned on Natalie after it was claimed that she called the police on an ex-boyfriend. Natalie defended herself by saying that her ex abused her. She also pointed out that the police are there to help. Things were so bad between Natalie and Karen Gravano that they got into a physical fight.

Drita D'Avanzo, who is now fighting with Karen, reminded people that Natalie won that fight. Drita also made clear that she believes that Natalie wasn't a "rat" as the other women said she was.

"Natalie abused the s**t out of Karen...n beat up Karen...Gotta give her props for that.And didn't call the cops."
As the premiere episode aired, Natalie re-tweeted tweets from fans who said that the show is just not the same without her and that she needs to come back. It's clear that Natalie didn't think much of two-hour premiere, which introduced new cast members Brittany Fogarty and Marissa Jade.

So what is Natalie Guercio doing now after leaving Mob Wives? She created and is the ambassador for organic hair care line Hair On Fleeek. She also tweeted that she has "things in the works" when it comes to TV.

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