Nick Carter Of Backstreet Boys Arrested In Bar Fight

Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys is in a bit of trouble with the law in Florida tonight. Hollywood Life shared the news that Nick was arrested after getting into a bar fight of some kind. Nick was recently brought back into the headlines when he performed on Dancing With the Stars and also shared the news that his wife is pregnant on the show. Now, Nick is in the headlines for something not near as positive.

This all went down today in Key West, Florida, and there are not a lot of details out about Nick Carter’s arrest. Nick was at the bar Hog’s Breath Saloon when he got into a fight. Nick ended up being arrested after what happened at the bar tonight. The police were called to the location and this is when Nick Carter ended up being taken in by police. Everyone is looking for information on what happened with Nick Carter and why he was arrested. This has not all been revealed at this time.

At this time, Nick Carter’s wife Lauren Kitt is pregnant and Nick has seem very focused on being a father and a good husband. It is pretty surprising that he got into a fight at this point in his life so fans are very curious to hear the details of what went down tonight. It is unknown if Nick was out by himself or if Lauren or some of his friends were with him at the bar.

Gossip Cop reached out to the Hog’s Breath Saloon, but they declined to comment on Nick’s arrest at all at this time. They were hoping to get some more information about exactly what went down. Nick Carter is actually from Florida, but not the area where he was arrested. Nick is from Ruskin, which is several hours away. This is not the first time that Nick Carter has been arrested though. He was also picked up in a nightclub incident in 2002 and a DUI bust in 2005.

Nick Carter ended up getting second place on the last season of Dancing With the Stars. He lost the show to Bindi Irwin, but did a great job of even picked up some new fans. Nick Carter actually put out a new album after his time on the show and the fact that he had picked up popularity again. Nick is scheduled to head out on tour in February and hopefully this will not mess with his big tour plans. Nick is best-known for his time in the group Backstreet Boys. He is still very close with the guys from this group and they were even supporting him while he was on Dancing With the Stars.

Not long ago, Nick Carter spoke out to Hollywood Life all about how he was trying to enjoy every single day and how things were going for him. At the time, Nick seemed very focused on having his act together.

“I’ve really been thinking about living in the moment and enjoying every day that I have with my wife. I’m enjoying the process, because I’ve heard that your life will change and your priorities will change and that’s great. So we are enjoying the time we have right now.”

Are you shocked to hear that Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys was arrested tonight in Florida? Do you think that this will affect his upcoming tour? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. There is still no news yet about if Nick Carter has bonded out of jail yet or not.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]