Joe Rogan May Be The Ultimate Donald Trump Voter

Joe Rogan may not actually be a Donald Trump voter, but he might just represent the ultimate Donald Trump voter.

That’s because he has decided to take on the culture of political correctness, or “P.C.,” with one of the more blunt smackdowns that you’ll hear following a critical piece on his unique brand of comedy.

In a follow-up with Bleacher Report, the publication responsible, he blasted the “recreationally outraged” for cherry-picking things he’s said on Twitter or his three-hour podcast and taking them out of context, basically for page views.

What’s worse, the UFC color commentator noted, is that most of his critics know that he’s joking but try to use him to become “social justice warriors.”

“You know and I think that’s a lot of what these ‘social justice warriors,’ people that are recreationally outraged. That’s what they do,” Rogan said. “Instead of going ‘eh, he was just f***ing around, he’s telling a joke,’ they go, ‘oh, I got one.’ And then they write it down, and they run with it. It’s bulls***, because they know and you know that it’s a joke.”

What initially set off Bleacher Report‘s Sydnie Jones was this tweet

I view women that don’t like children the same way I view dogs that like to eat their own s**t.

— Joe Rogan (@joerogan) April 4, 2013

Rogan said in his recent interview that he’d made that comment blowing off steam at a woman in a restaurant, who audibly said that she hated children after leering at his friend’s well-behaved children.

Rogan said that the woman was shaking her head back and forth, and that he found it “so disturbing” that a woman would say such a thing about a “little human being.”

He acknowledged that kids could be “annoying,” but “there’s something about it coming out of this woman’s mouth.”

He continued,

“It’s sexist. It’s sexist certainly to say, woman, a woman, but it was an honest reaction, and I just put it in a tweet because I was just like, ugh.”

The problem, for Joe Rogan, is that people “tweet-mine” his shows and his social media looking for things like that that they can “take out of context” and turn into an article, and that it’s all in an effort “to censor you… and they’re trying to do it with shame.”

“That was the whole reason why she takes all these things over the course of several years and compiles them into one article,” he said, adding that the writer and others like her try to “shame someone into changing their behavior to suit what you think their behavior should be like.”

Of Jones in particular, Joe Rogan pointed out one of her tweets that said one should “never joke of someone’s appearance.”

“Like, what?” he added sarcastically. “Says who? Says who?”

The rant echoes pretty much everything Donald Trump has built his campaign on. Trump prides himself on not being politically correct, saying that the country has bigger issues and has “no time for it,” that he has no time for it.

Going from his poll numbers, it appears to be a tactic that is working.

As for another UFC personality, who is in love with “the Donald,” UFC President Dana White has officially endorsed the candidate for the 2016 general election, adding that “you’ll never hear me say a bad thing about Donald Trump” in a 2015 interview reported on here by the Inquisitr.

What do you think, reader?

Is the war Donald Trump and now Joe Rogan are raging against political correctness in bad taste or exactly what the country needs? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Joe Rogan Facebook]