Ashley Olsen Strangled To Death? New Autopsy Reveals American Expat’s Cause Of Death

Ashley Olsen, an American artist who was found dead in her apartment in Italy on Saturday, may have been strangled using a cord, rope, or belt, sources said.

ANSA, an Italian news agency, reported that Olsen’s boyfriend, Federico Fiorentini, found her in her Florence apartment after he requested that the landlord open her room. He said that since they had a minor quarrel a few days back, he hasn’t heard from her.

They indeed found Olsen, who was undressed except for her socks, as well as her beagle named Scout, who appeared “greatly distressed.”

Fiorentini reportedly tried to apply CPR and resuscitate Olsen but failed.

“I thought I might be able to save her,” he told some friends. “I loved Ashley and I will absolutely find who killed her. They will pay for what they did.”

Initial results of the autopsy revealed that the 35-year-old artist may have been strangled, although authorities are still awaiting more details. Reports also said that the authorities have not found Olsen’s phone.

While Olsen’s American-Italian 42-year-old boyfriend has an alibi that lines up with the testimonies of other witnesses, prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo said that “no one has been excluded” and “no track has been excluded.”

However, a later report has cleared Fiorentini completely, and authorities confirmed that he is not the suspect after questioning him for 10 hours.

The victim was last spotted in a popular nightclub, Monte Carla, on Thursday night. The club is a members-only establishment that has been infamous for its involvement in drug offenses, substance abuse, and even violence in the past.

According to a local graphics designer, Monte Carla is a place where a person should not go alone.

“The unspoken rule is that you have to be in groups of five or six to be safe,” the 25-year-old designer said.

Because of its involvement in illegal drugs, the club has been closed by police three times, and narcotics officers occasionally investigate the place.

Ashley Olsen may have decided to go to the club with some friends due to the recent quarrel she had with her boyfriend.

However, following an argument with her friends, Ashley Olsen left the club alone early Friday. Authorities believe she met her attacker at the club or on her way home.

In addition, authorities are also looking into Olsen’s posts on Instagram, which drop hints that she has a stalker. However, they have yet to confirm whether the posts were serious or not.

Ashley Olsen hails from Jacksonville, Florida, and has been living in Florence for three years. Her father, Walter Olsen, lives around the corner from Ashley’s apartment, and is an art professor in the city.

“We are devastated that our precious Ashley has passed away resulting from a horrible and senseless crime,” said Walter, who is a professor at Bianca Cappello Art Academy, where he teaches architecture, design, and drawing.

He added that her daughter was a “happy, exuberant and generous soul,” and that she loved living in Florence and San Frediano.

Father of American artist murdered in Florence speaks of ‘heartbreak’ My story via @MailOnline

— Jake Wallis Simons (@JakeWSimons) January 12, 2016

Walter said that the entire family believes the killer will be found and sentenced. He also thanked people who have showed their support and given their prayers for Ashley Olsen and the rest of their family.

“We are heartbroken that she was taken from us,” Walter added.

Olsen’s friends also mourned her death and sent a letter to the Florentine, an English language bi-weekly in the city.

“We have seen the messages of love pour out from her hometown of Florida and we know that, across two countries, people who knew and loved her are in shock,” the letter said about Ashley Olsen.

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