NBA Trade Rumors: Jeremy Lin To Replace Derrick Rose In Chicago — Rose To Knicks

With the NBA trade deadline just about a month away, there could still be a number of blockbuster trades and small deals happen. One of those that is at the heart of a lot of NBA trade rumors is Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. Some think he could be traded, but if not, then he will be expected to leave once his contract is up. The way it stands right now, many think he will end up with the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin will replace him in Chicago.

There is actually a lot of concern that Rose’s time with the Bulls is truly winding down and that he’s just waiting it out now.

Injuries have plagued his entire career in the NBA so far, and on Tuesday night, Rose had to leave a game against the Milwaukee Bucks due to left petallar tendinitis, per ESPN. An MRI was scheduled, but didn’t happen. Still, Rose knew something wasn’t right.

“Just felt something with my left knee, like jumper’s knee or something like that. It just didn’t feel right while I was out there. Just got to be cautious with my body.”

Rose’s injuries are really concerning to the Bulls as they’ve dealt with all of them first-hand. It is believed though that many teams would be willing to take a chance on Rose due to the immense talent that he does possess when he’s healthy.

Youth Health Mag reports that the Chicago Bulls are one of many teams that are interested in Charlotte Hornets point guard Jeremy Lin. He’s averaging 12.3 points-per-game this season, with 3.1 assists, and 3.2 rebounds.

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Right now, it appears as if the Hornets may be willing to move Lin before this season’s trade deadline. He can opt out this summer, though, and that’s when the Bulls could offer him a max deal and the starting point guard spot if Rose should leave.

Derrick Rose will become a free agent in 2017 and he will have the biggest expiring contract in the NBA next season. This is yet another reason that the Bulls are really looking to shop Rose and get something for him before they get nothing.

In Charlotte, the Hornets have Kemba Walker, who is their starting point guard and likely the future of the team. Lin could be that starting point for a number of teams in the league and he wants to be, but Charlotte can’t give it to him.

According to Master Herald, it’s going to be hard for the Hornets to just let Lin take off, but there are a host of other free agents they need to lock up. Keeping Lin becomes even harder if Al Jefferson opts out after this season and the front court weakens.

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Derrick Rose is averaging just 14.7 points-per-game this season, and that equals up to a career low for the 2011 NBA MVP. His assists are down as well and things just aren’t looking very bright anymore for the one-time star.

Still, Rose is just 27-years-old and could benefit from a change of location and New York may be it. If the Knicks do end up trading away Carmelo Anthony, then it’s obvious they are looking to go younger and somewhat rebuild.

What better way to try and rebuild than with a former MVP to lead your team?

The Chicago Bulls have some nice young talent, especially in Jimmy Butler, and are doing well this season. They’re currently in third in the Eastern Conference and may be starting to look at Derrick Rose as a very expensive piece of trade bait. If Jeremy Lin can be brought into the fold, then Rose is even more expendable and the Knicks may open their doors to him.

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