Jana Duggar Still Playing Role Of ‘Cinderella’ As Family Begins Filming Again

Jana Duggar has been dubbed “Cinderella” for quite some time now. She is the eldest female Duggar child and has yet to be in a courtship. While that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, some fans have been quick to judge her. Just this week Jana Duggar turned 26 years old along with her fraternal twin brother, John David. As she ages, more and more comments come about her choices in life. Duggar has been the nanny, the cook, the maid, and everything else in between. While Michelle Duggar has been the one to have the children, Jana is the one who takes care of them the majority of the time.

Reports that the Duggar family is filming with TLC once again have come out, and Jana Duggar was on location with her siblings at one of the shoots. According to Radar Online, Jana Duggar arrived at the lumber yard with John David and a few of their younger siblings. The owner of the yard talked exclusively with the source and explained that Jana Duggar was in charge the entire time and knew exactly what they needed. The purchase was for lumber to build a tree house for the younger children. There were not many details available other than the production company that contacted the business owner was from Nashville and arrangements were made just one day prior to the visit.

Fans are upset about the reports calling Jana Duggar “Cinderella,” but it seems to be a name that sticks. There hasn’t been much of a life for her to live. Because she is the eldest daughter, she has had the task of helping to raise her younger siblings. In fact, in one of the 19 Kids and Counting episodes, she had to deal with her youngest sister having a seizure while her parents were out of town. That is a huge responsibility for an older sibling. What would have happened to Jana Duggar emotionally if Josie was not okay? There is plenty that Duggar does, but much of her time is spent caring for the younger children who are still at home.

During the recent specials, Jana Duggar was definitely bothered by what her brother Josh had done. She was included in the molestation scandal, though she really didn’t go into much detail about how bad it was for her. Jana did show some emotion when she talked, which is different than what fans are used to seeing from her. She is usually pretty stoic, but can let loose when she is having fun with her sisters. Duggar isn’t one to show jealousy or talk about it, but rumors arose that she felt slighted that both Jill and Jessa were married and mothers while she was still single and living at home.

While Jana Duggar doesn’t work outside of the home, she puts a lot of hours into caring for her siblings. With a new show being filmed, this may give her a little more freedom. According to Design & Trend, the Duggar family is borderline broke. It looks like Jana Duggar will do whatever she can to ensure her parents get money from a television show. She may continue being “Cinderella,” but it is also time for her to move on with her own life and begin a family.

There are no concrete details about the new Duggar show, just that Jana Duggar and her siblings were filming at a lumber yard. Michelle and Jim Bob were not present during the filming, and Jana was completely in charge. With time passing, fans are hoping that Jana Duggar will finally get her chance to shine. She has spent so much time being everything for her family, it is finally time for something to be about Jana Duggar.

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