Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Uses Vehicle In Attempted Murder Video — Terri Thompson Caught On Tape

This crazy ex-girlfriend is possibly facing attempted murder charges, after law enforcement officials have seen her irrational actions, which were caught on video by the ex-boyfriend.

From the looks of the video’s caption, this crazy ex girlfriend was in a relationship with the CEO of an entertainment company, Rares No Squares, in Boston, Massachusetts. The video is absolutely crazy. You wouldn’t think people would do such things in broad daylight, but this ex-girlfriend had no reservations about any of her crazy actions.

According to Young Wild (CEO), the ex-girlfriend actually has two open cases against him. From her allegations, he says that she claimed him to be the abusive one in the relationship. However, he also notes that she’s retracted both statements as of date.

While there’s no report on whether that’s “here” or “there,” right now, this video evidence pings her as the “crazy ex-girlfriend” — regardless of what he may have allegedly done in the past.

The ex-girlfriend’s name is presumed to be “Terri.” In the video, Young Wild mentions her name to be “Terri Thompson.” On Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets, the name seems to ring the same.

While he was attempting to keep his distance, you can clearly see in the video that the ex-girlfriend was quite persistent in her attempts on his property, as well as his life. There came a point in the video where the crazy ex girlfriend even attempted vehicular homicide in her Mercedes-Benz ML320, while he was filming the damage she had already caused to his Honda Accord.

Disclaimer: This video contains graphic language and scenarios. Viewer discretion is advised.

As you can hear from the ex-girlfriend, she stated, “After all I’ve done for you, this is how you treat me?!” There’s no word on what happened as the reason for her crazy, irrational outlash. And although the ex-girlfriend asked that question, Young Wild also gave a similar statement — that he doesn’t understand why she’s doing this “after all he’s done for her.”

The crazy ex-girlfriend broke multiple windows (including a window at the house of which he took cover), keyed his car, and rammed into his rear bumper. However, rear-ending his car was actually an attempt to hit him, as the crazy ex girlfriend connected at an accelerated speed.

So whether it’s attempted murder by vehicle or vehicular homicide, it’s “tomatoes” and “tomátoes” at this point.

The crazy scenario was uploaded to YouTube on January 9. Since then, it has generated several re-posts as well as over 1,390,000 views. Several people have commended the ex-boyfriend on his calm demeanor during the fiasco. Many said that under similar circumstances, there would’ve been no way they would’ve conducted themselves in a civil manner.

As crazy as the ex-girlfriend appeared, she also seemed “calm,” though her actions were quite the contrary. As rare as it may be, there’s a chance that she “snapped” and wasn’t really aware of her actions. Calm Clinic coins this crazy and rare occurrence as anxiety psychosis. According to the source, anxiety and psychosis share a lot of similar symptoms. Two symptoms of psychosis are the following.

  • a loss of reality that the person is often unaware of
  • severe social and behavioral malfunction

From a look at the video, there was definitely a malfunction or two somewhere. However, as the source says, it’s rare. Crazy ex-girlfriend Terri Thompson could very-well have been aware of all things she did on January 9.

Interestingly enough, it seems that the ex-girlfriend was also seeking an “arrangement” of sorts. Via Backpage, she placed an advertisement of “services.” The crazy ex girlfriend called it a “mutually beneficial relationship.” Terri Thompson described herself as “an extremely down to earth, smart, sexy, sophisticated and adventurous girl who just loves to have fun!” Surely, the world has seen the adventurous side in the crazy video.

What are your thoughts on the crazy actions of Young Wild’s ex girlfriend? Feel free to share your feelings in the comments.

[Image via YouTube]