Brooks Ayers To Expose All In His Tell-All Book

Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of Orange County might be over with, but that doesn’t mean the drama has come to an end yet. Reality Tea is now sharing that Brooks has his own tell-all book coming out and he has big plans to expose everyone that has done him wrong. This book from Brooks will talk about how they made it look like he faked cancer and more. Brooks Ayers is still insisting that he did not fake cancer, regardless of what anyone thinks of him.

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Brooks Ayers actually spoke out about everything, including the producers of RHOOC.

“They basically pitched me as this poor guy from Mississippi preying on a vulnerable, successful, self-made woman. I’m not bound contractually by anything to not share the intel about what transpires behind production, Bravo, what they try to do, etc.”

At this time, Brooks Ayers is still writing the book and pitching it. Brooks says that he has a lot of interest in the book, but at this time it doesn’t sound like he has picked a publisher yet, so don’t expect Ayers’ book to come out any time soon. He is still working on the book while living in the Midwest and spending time with his children.

Brooks Ayers makes it sound like he wants good things for Vicki, but she will still be called out in his book. Brooks is not going to be nice to her and give her a break. He even revealed a bit about what is going to be shared.

“I want nothing but the best for her and she wants the best for me. I’m not doing this because she did it to me, but she’s a grown woman and she’s making business decisions to continue earning money. I am a grown man and I want to do what I can to rehab my reputation, and you can’t do it on reality TV.”

Brooks also has big plans to call out Vicki’s daughter Briana Culberson in his book. If you watch RHOOC, it is obvious that Brooks and Briana don’t get along. Briana has not liked him from the second that he started dating Vicki Gunvalson the first time. Here is what Brooks will reveal about her in the book.

“She hates my guts and got paid handsomely the past three seasons to do nothing but bring drama into her own mom’s life regarding me. I’m going to expose all of that.”

Basically the entire last season of The Real Housewives of Orange County was about Brooks Ayers’ cancer and if he was faking it or not. At the time, Brooks and Vicki were still together and getting along great. She stuck by his side through all of it, even losing a few friends over defending Brooks. Now that Vicki has split from Ayers and moved on, it looks like things are starting to get pretty messy between them. These two will probably never be getting back together after this one.

OK! Magazine shared that Vicki Gunvalson has been really enjoying herself while in Mexico without Brooks Ayers by her side. This all comes after Vicki won a judgement against Brooks. A judge ordered that Ayers pay Gunvalson a $132,000 judgment for legal fees that were incurred during the exes’ dramatic legal battle with their former business partner Robert Williamson. Vicki got one last dig at Ayers before he calls her out in his tell-all book.

Do you think that Brooks Ayers really faked cancer? Are you shocked to hear that Brooks is writing a tell-all book about his life and time on the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Vicki when The Real Housewives of Orange County returns to Bravo.

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