‘Penny Dreadful’ Promises ‘Dread Comes For Us All’ In First Teaser [Video]

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Penny Dreadful.

If you haven’t been following Penny Dreadful for its first two seasons. You’ve missed out on some truly macabre and thought provoking horror. More than that, the performances delivered by series regulars like Eva Green and Timothy Dalton have been as passionate as any acting one is likely to see on stage or screen. Just as enthralling have been Penny Dreadful guest appearances, most notable was the inspired acting of Patti LuPone in her role as the Cut Wife.

So, if you are one who has missed the first two seasons of Penny Dreadful, now is the time to catch up. Time draws near for the debut of Season 3 and you wouldn’t want to be caught unaware, when Ms. Vanessa Ives has one of her episodes. They’re simply dreadful.

The First Penny Dreadful Season 3 Teaser Warns Of Impending Doom

“When evil spreads, dread comes gor us all” warns the first Penny Dreadful teaser.

The freshman season of the series focused primarily on attempting to rescue Sir Malcolm’s daughter, Mina, from a great master vampire. Reeling from that disasterous failure, Season 2 delved deeper into the concept of family, either through blood or through the stronger bonds of camaraderie. Strengthening those familial sentiments, or, in some cases weakening them, Season 2 also explored the secrets that each character keeps close to the heart. Secrets that may prove to be the undoing of the entire group, as Season 3 introduces a dangerous foe. This new villain may prove to know Sir Murray and his crew of heroic misfits better than they know themselves.

While Season 2 of Penny Dreadful left off with everyone striking off on their own, each going in a different direction, it seems unlikely that they will remain separated for long. Ms. Ives (Green) and Ethan (Hartnett) seem destined for a great love affair, if they can keep evil at bay long enough, so, that alone, whispers promises of a reunion.

Even more pressing is the threat posed by Lily Frankenstein and her new consort, Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney). Victor will undoubtedly call on the entire team to help him clean up the mess he introduced, when he created new life in the body of Brona Croft (Billie Piper).

Won’t it be interesting when Lily and Ethan finally come face to face?

Penny Dreadful Season 3: What Do We Know?

One last chance to say goodbye. #minamurray #sirmalcolm #pennydreadful

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As the new season draws nearer, fans are able to learn that much more about the next installment, but that doesn’t mean we don’t already have a good picture of the third Penny Dreadful go-around. Probably one of the most vital bits to have been leaked is that Patti LuPone will be returning in an entirely new role and one which will be recurring throughout the season. Vanessa has grown worse, suffering through these episodes of demonic possession (with Eva Green giving performances unequaled since 1973’s The Exorcist), growing more desperate for a cure, when she happens upon Dr. Seward (LuPone). Seward is said to treat Vanessa with an unorthodox approach, but, with no details, it remains to be seen what methods this treatment entails. Wes Studi (Hell on Wheels) joins Penny Dreadful as Chandler’s Native American friend from the states.

Shazad Latif will play Dr. Henry Jekyll and Christian Camargo will play zoologist Dr. Alexander Sweet, who also befriends Ms. Ives.

Meanwhile, Lily is busy building up a villainous team of her own with Dorian’s sage input. Jessica Barden (The Outcast, Far from the Madding Crowd) is enlisted to aid Lily as something akin to a personal secretary, while Perdita Weeks, formerly of The Tudors, also joins Penny Dreadful as an expert on the occult and supernatural.

Also returning are series favorites Simon Russell Beale as Dr. Ferdinand Lyle, Rory Kinnear as The Creature, and Harry Treadaway, as Dr. Frankenstein.

Penny Dreadful debuts Season 3 on Sunday, May 1 on Showtime.

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