‘Affluenza Teen’ Parents Tonya And Fred Couch Each Have Multiple Arrests On Record

It’s impossible right now to read or watch the news and not hear about affluenza or the Couch family. Tonya, Fred, and Ethan Couch are now the poster family for the wrong way to raise children. Tonya and Fred Couch didn’t just raise an entitled brat, they raised a brat who killed people, because allegedly, he was too spoiled to know that there are rules you must follow to be part of a society. But Ethan Couch didn’t become a disaffected loser out of the blue, between them, his parents have over 20 arrests, and both got through their brushes with the legal system relatively unscathed, so maybe the Couch family believes that rules don’t apply to them.

But according to The Inquisitr, things have taken an odd turn for the Couch family. Right now Fred Couch is the only one not in jail or home detention. Ethan Couch, who got this whole debacle started by driving drunk and drugs, killing four, and injuring several more. Right now, Couch is in a Guadalajara jail, fighting deportation, while his mother, Tonya Couch, is on home detention with an ankle monitor, while being divorced for the second time by her husband, Fred Couch, who refused to help her make bail. The family who insisted that money would protect them are now in part crying poverty.

The Daily Mail did a survey on the criminal past of the Couch family, and it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s disgusting that none of them have really ever done time. Between them, Tonya and Fred Couch have more than twenty arrests and serious traffic violations, including drunk driving, which seems to be a family activity.

A sampling of arrests of the Couch family read like the rap sheet of outlaws. Fred Couch has been arrested for theft, evading arrest, assault, and drunk driving. Tonya Couch has been arrested for drunk and impaired driving, and forcing another driver off of the road. Both have been arrested for driving without a license, and passing bad checks. Between the two, they have paid small fines, and did a maximum of six months of community service.

On the night that Ethan Couch killed four people, he drove drunk and drugged, drank underage, and stole alcohol from a store. He was also driving at an executive speed with other minors sitting in the bed of his pickup truck.

D Magazine referred to Tonya and Fred Couch as the worst parents ever, and cataloged their offenses. A report by a social worker in 2006 quoted Fred Couch as confirming that his wife was a drug addict who also gave drugs to their son Ethan,

“Fred told the social worker that their marriage had been a ‘mistake from the start.’ He said that Tonya had a pill addiction and that she’d given Vicodin to Ethan more than once.”

Fred Couch confirmed that he does not supervise Ethan.

Fred “doesn’t properly supervise Ethan.” Fred’s response: “I am not a mom.”

A court psychologist described Fred Couch as a guy with serious anger issues.

“He’d been angry since childhood,” a psychologist testified. “He was a big guy, kind of rednecky, didn’t take no shit from nobody. And so there’s a litany of times where he had disagreements with people, and he wants to go outside and settle it. And he has roughed people up. And he’s loud.”

At age 13, Tonya and Fred Couch didn’t want to be bothered driving Ethan to school, so they bought him a car, and let him drive himself, according to a former teacher.

“He was adamant that Ethan was going to drive to school. He believed his son was better. His son was more talented. He was the golden boy.”

Ethan Couch had been arrested before the accident that took four lives, including a drunk driving and public urination combo which also included driving without a license, underaged, Tonya Couch came and picked him up from the police station,

“I thought he was more grown up than he was,” Tonya said. “I felt like he was responsible, but he—I didn’t see that he was still just a little boy, too.”

Most people would say that this family meltdown was foreseeable, but the Couch family still seems to be oblivious that the hammer could come down on them. Of the three, Fred Couch is the only one who graduated from high school, and none have attended college.

Do you think that the wealth of the Couch family has made it so that they have been treated better than most in Texas courts?

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