Looking To Buy A David Bowie Album Online? Every Single Copy On Amazon Is Sold Out

Those looking to buy David Bowie's albums online are out of luck --- at least for now.

Online retail giant Amazon has sold of every copy of Bowie album Blackstar in the wake of his death this week. Fuse noted that Amazon listed "temporarily out of stock" of every CD and vinyl edition of the new album.

But it's not just that. The report noted that every single other David Bowie album was also listed as out of stock. It could be a while before they're back, as the site listed his 2013 comeback album The Next Day as out of stock until January 19.

There is still a chance to buy David Bowie's albums outside of Amazon. Other sites do have copies of his music in stock, and most of his LPs are available through the third-party vendors that do business on Amazon. They're also available for instant download both on Amazon and iTunes.

The singer's death this week has led to a huge boost in popularity for his music, with many people taking to the internet to remember the music legend through his songs. Within minutes of when news of his death broke, Bowie's songs jumped to the top spot on iTunes and Spotify and stayed there.

The surge was immediate. Mashable noted.

"Spotify reported that plays of Bowie's back catalogue jumped a whopping 2700% after news of his death broke globally. At the time of writing, his most streamed songs include the ballad 'Heroes,' Queen collaboration 'Under Pressure,' the smash-hit 'Space Oddity' and 'Let's Dance,' according to Spotify."

"Meanwhile, on iTunes, fans celebrated Bowie's musical achievements by purchasing the rocker's new album, Blackstar, causing it to skyrocket to the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Store's chart. At time of writing, the rocker's greatest hits album, Best of Bowie, had jumped to No. 2, while The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars sits comfortably within the top five at number four. All told, Bowie had five albums in the iTunes top 10 and 11 in the top 20."

NME took a look at the most popular songs in the days after his death. Bowie's "Let's Dance" had the biggest boost, with a 3,942 percent increase, following by "Heroes" with a 3,630 percent increase. Other popular songs included "Blackstar," "Lazarus," and "Life on Mars."

"Even in his final days as he battled late-stage cancer, David Bowie may have had his fans in mind. His producer confirmed this week that Bowie carefully orchestrated the release of his final single, 'Lazarus,' as a gift to his fans," the Telegraph reported.

"David Bowie's final record was a carefully-orchestrated farewell to his fans, his producer has confirmed," the report noted. "' Lazarus,' released on the Bowie's 69th birthday just two days before his death, opens with the lyrics: 'Look up here, I'm in Heaven!' "

In a message on his Facebook page, producer Tony Visconti said Bowie's death was "a work of Art."

"He made Blackstar for us, his parting gift," he wrote. "I knew for a year this was the way it would be. I wasn't, however, prepared for it.

"He was an extraordinary man, full of love and life. He will always be with us."

With so many people going online to buy David Bowie's albums, there are accusations that online retailers are trying to capitalize on it. There are allegations that Amazon is raising the prices, though this has not been confirmed and some note it could easily be Photoshopped.

[Image via Amazon]