Lucha Underground Could Be Next Stop For Daniel Bryan: Here’s Why

Lucha Underground is gearing up for its Season 2 Premiere on Jan. 27, and while most of the story lines are likely already mapped out, there is one wrinkle that could be coming soon.

Daniel Bryan.

A rumor started making the rounds on Wednesday that the leader of the “Yes” Movement could be on the verge of leaving WWE.

The rumors began with Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom and eventually made their way to the über-popular Cageside Seats rumor roundup.

The Inquisitr has since reported on a statement from WWE that these rumors are in no way true, but many fans are not completely convinced by the denial.

For starters, Keith remarks on the blog that the person at the center of this rumor — a WWE HR representative, allegedly — was right about the rumor of John Cena’s hiatus.

Furthermore, if something this huge were to get out of the bag without WWE controlling the narrative, it’s believable that they might issue a denial and push back the release for a later time.

In cases like this one, it’s probably best to take WWE’s word for it, but what if?

In the Inquisitr piece linked below, author Danny Cox points out that the decision may not be WWE’s to make if Daniel Bryan has been cleared by two doctors but is still awaiting approval from WWE.

Bryan clearly believes he can wrestle, with none of the reservations his employer or his fans have over the multiple injuries that have kept him out of action since early 2015.

Deciding to break away from the company and prove what he can do could be good for his brand and, yes, even his Stamford future, particularly if he’s right about being healthy. In other words, a good run elsewhere might be what he needs to work his way back into WrestleMania at a later date.

That makes Lucha Underground a good landing spot.

The show’s wrestling style plays into what Daniel Bryan does well — fast-paced, high-flying. It also has name recognition and plenty of money behind it, thanks in part to filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s involvement.

Landing Daniel Bryan would be significant for Lucha Underground and Rodriguez’s El Rey Network, which is still in its infancy but rapidly growing in popularity thanks to select cable providers, Sling TV and, yes, the jaw-dropping in-ring action of Lucha Underground itself.

WWE Rumors: WWE Responds To Rumors Of Daniel Bryan Being Released Next Week

In addition to nurturing talented young wrestlers from the indie scene, Lucha Underground has been a landing pad for big WWE names like Alberto Del Rio and (in Season 2) Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Also, while the action itself moves at a more ferocious pace than what the WWE currently puts out, it doesn’t have the same day-in, day-out demands.

Its “seasons” consist of 39 one-hour episodes, which creates less in-ring time for performers and three months of off-time to rest up and heal.

Daniel Bryan’s injury issues owe much to the non-stop schedule of WWE programming, not to mention the clash of styles, where Lucha Underground performers all follow a somewhat consistent style that allows for more fluidity and safety in execution.

That’s not to say it isn’t dangerous, though.

While right now a Daniel Bryan appearance in Lucha Underground may seem improbable, it is unlikely that Bryan will want to stay on with WWE if he is kept on the shelf.

A move to the El Rey Network could be his best bet for working and staying healthy.

But what do you think, readers?

Would it make sense for Daniel Bryan to sign on with Lucha Underground? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via WWE Raw screen grab]