WWE News: Sunny Selling Hall Of Fame Ring

In WWE news, Sunny has announced that she will be selling the Hall of Fame ring that World Wrestling Entertainment gave her through an online auction, according to Wrestling Inc.

Back in 2011, WWE informed Tammy Sytch, who portrayed the Sunny character, that they were going to induct her into their hall of fame during Wrestlemania 27 weekend in Atlanta. It was a move that made a lot of sense for WWE because at one point in time Sunny was one of the most popular figures in all of professional wrestling. She was the most desired diva.

Knowing that it was another opportunity for her to get back into the spotlight, Tammy Sytch started working on her figure, which was one of her biggest selling points in her career. To her credit, Tammy Sytch was able to get into great shape, as she looked fantastic that night. Sytch even stood out on the stage even with gorgeous women like Gail Kim behind her.

Once that moment was over, WWE showed very little interest in having Tammy Sytch be a part of the company. There was no on-screen or behind-the scenes-role offered to Tammy.

Tammy Sytch went back to being someone that was on the outside looking in. The craving of being in the spotlight was no longer being satiated. Resentment started creeping in.

Tammy Sytch [Photo by WWE]

Things started to really go downhill for Tammy Sytch after WWE inducted her into their hall of fame. She turned towards the independent wrestling circuit to get that desired attention. For a while there, things worked out pretty well for Tammy Sytch on the independent wrestling circuit. She still had enough name value from WWE that people paid money to see her. When the nostalgia factor started dying out a bit, fewer and fewer people started showing up at the live events and wrestling conventions. Tammy Sytch was none too pleased with that.

Things started really going downhill for Tammy Sytch when she started repeatedly getting into trouble with the law and being involved in really bad relationships with various wrestlers. To make ends meet and to satisfy her craving for attention, Tammy Sytch resorted to selling nude and partially nude photos of herself online. It actually made her a bit of money.

When the money from the photos started to decline, Tammy Sytch took it to another level when she started selling conversations on Skype with fans where she sometimes undressed.

The latest situation makes it seem like things have gotten worse for Tammy Sytch. She announced that she is putting her WWE Hall of Fame ring on eBay with a starting bid of $3,000.

Tammy Sytch

By doing that, it virtually guarantees that she will never be allowed back in the good graces of WWE, as the company hates it when these exclusive rings are made available to the public. Of course, that doesn’t mean much to Tammy Sytch nowadays because she wholeheartedly believes that World Wrestling Entertainment will never want anything to do with her again.

World Wrestling Entertainment has an unspoken policy of avoiding performers who might bring negative attention to them. Even Hulk Hogan found himself on the outs recently.

Back in May, Tammy Sytch was arrested in Mahoning Township, Pennsylvania, because she was driving while under the influence of alcohol. She returns to court later this month.

Many feel that Tammy Sytch is selling the ring because she needs the money for legal issues. The former WWE diva is telling people she is doing it to end a former chapter in her life.

The Tammy Sytch saga gets sadder and sadder by the day.

[Featured Photo by WWE]