Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Spotted On Dinner Date: When Will Harris Propose?

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were spotted eating dinner together in Santa Monica, California, on Tuesday night. Although Taylor and Calvin have been pretty good about dodging paparazzi lately, they didn’t dodge a fan who was happy to share a photo of their dinner date on Instagram.

There has been a lot of talk lately that Swift and Harris are possibly getting engaged. While that didn’t happen during their Santa Monica dinner date, something else really special did. Taylor and Calvin were asked to pose for a special picture and according to Who Say, the happy couple obliged and made a huge impression on one young man.

Awesome dinner with mom and dad????

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Taylor and Calvin were enjoying their dinner at Giorgio Baldi when a fan must have spotted them. It’s a great thing that Taylor and Calvin have a sense of humor. Taylor also has a great reputation for being all about her fans. The young man who saw Taylor eating dinner with her boyfriend came up to the table and asked to join them for a picture.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris can be seen smiling for the camera while a young man, presumably Ricky Selby based on the Instagram account, sat reading a menu that probably wasn’t even his. The photo was hilariously captioned, “Awesome dinner with mom and dad.” Obviously, the caption was a joke but seeing Calvin and Taylor out together with a supposed child is making fans even more impatient to hear about Taylor Swift wedding news.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like Tuesday night at Giorgio Baldi was part of Calvin’s plan to propose to Taylor. If that were the case, the often camera-shy couple may not have been so welcoming about taking pictures with a fan. We’re hoping Calvin comes up with something way more interesting than a dinner table wedding proposal anyway.

Inquisitr recently reported that rumors of Taylor and Calvin’s engagement have been heating up lately. Calvin is even reported to have been talking marriage with his parents, making sure they approve of his romance with Taylor Swift. Taylor and Calvin were also seen in Vail over the holidays, spending time with Taylor’s parents too.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris
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Could all this family time mean wedding bells for Taylor Swift? Fans never really expected Taylor to settle down. After all, Swift is known for romancing many popular celebs like John Mayer, Harry Styles, and Jake Gyllenhaal. Taylor’s flings seemed to act as inspiration for many hit songs over the years. What will Taylor do for inspiration if she doesn’t have heartbreak to write about?

Many singer/songwriters dry up and stop writing amazing songs when their love lives are going the right way. Taylor seems to be pretty resourceful though and it will be interesting to see what she comes up with after tying the knot with Calvin.

There was also word recently that Taylor may be house hunting with Calvin Harris. Although Taylor’s reps deny the singer is planning on shacking up with her DJ boyfriend, is it possible they could really be looking for a place to share on top of a possible engagement? The denials could just be Taylor’s people trying to protect her privacy. Don’t be surprised if you see Swift stepping out with Harris and then find out they are living together. Worse things certainly have happened, and while Taylor seems a bit old-fashioned, she’s obviously not that old-fashioned. As much as Taylor and Calvin are on the go, there really is no point in both celebs having their own place if they’re just going to spend their time together anyway. Do you think Calvin Harris plans to propose to Taylor Swift soon?

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