Amber Heard In Talks For 'Aquaman' Female Lead -- First Appearance In 'Justice League' Movie

Actress Amber Heard is in talks with Warner Brothers for Justice League and the Aquaman movies, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It's at the negotiation stage and it looks like the DC Comics engine is getting the ball rolling on adding new actors.

If chosen, Heard will be the female lead, representing the DC Comics character Mera, who is known as the Queen of Atlantis and wife to Aquaman in comic book lore. Heard will first appear in Justice League Part One, if chosen. Aquaman follows afterwards with her possibly playing the leading lady, then the second Justice League movie will debut in 2019.

Jack Miller and Nick Cardy were creators of Mera who made her first appearance in Aquaman #11 in 1963. She is actually not of this world, Earth, but of another dimension, Dimension Alpha, according to Wikia. The character was actually imprisoned from her realm and escaped to Earth where she encounters Aquaman and later marries him.

John Campea of the Collider Movie Talk YouTube channel ascribed that the two actors could qualify as the "best looking on screen couple."

"They could rival and become the be the leading nominees as the best looking on screen couple in the universe between Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. That could be a frighteningly good looking couple."
In the Justice League movie, it's unknown how she'll make her appearance or whether or not the DC Extended universe will run in the same parallel as the DC Comics "how we met" story line, but it would be interesting to see if that's how they first met. Could they possibly already be married in Justice League Part One?

Aquaman is already coming on board with the lead actor Jason Momoa with director James Wan helming. Wan is also known for his other works on the first Saw movie, The Conjuring, the upcoming Conjuring 2, the Insidious movies, and Furious 7.

In the past, the Aquaman character was made fun of due to the fact that he could just call on fish to aid him. Now DC's The New 52 version of Aquaman, along with the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, looks to be a kind of an inspiration for the upcoming DC Extended Universe. So Aquaman has taken on a new look and has accessorized to be quite an aggressive-looking character.

The Aquaman script was thought to have progressed much further than thought, but the script is actually just in its beginnings, according to Cinema Blend and producer Charles Roven. It was back then that Wan was working on The Conjuring 2 and was said to just have a "working document."

"But he's directing that film [and] he's got his hand ever so slightly in the development, but he's really gonna throw himself into it after he finishes shooting Conjuring 2. And we're planning on it being his film after Conjuring 2. He is a serious Aquaman fan."
Some time ago an Aquaman script had two screenplays going, one by Gangster Squad's Will Beall and 300's Kurt Johnstad. This was quite some time before Wan was hired on to direct the solo superhero movie, according to Cinema Blend. It looks like this dual method to writing scrips was thought to bring forth Aquaman sooner. It was later thrown out and now David Johnson is doing the screenplay with Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger working on characters.

Heard also starred in movies like Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills starring Danny Trejo, with Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry, 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner, and Magic Mike XXL.

The DC Comics Aquaman movie is scheduled to debut on July 27, 2018.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment]