Ben Higgins Almost Quit 'Bachelor' During Filming, Leaned On Mom For Support

Ben Higgins journey as The Bachelor 2016 just started airing two weeks ago, but he is already done filming. It sounds like the show was a bit harder on Ben than he thought it would be, and it is now being shared that he almost quit the show during filming. Life & Style shared that an insider is revealing that Ben Higgins considered quitting the show, and even went to his mom for help talking him through sticking around and trying to find love.

An insider with production shared the details of how Ben had problems with it.

"Ben was so upset in the middle of filming that he was ready to quit a few times because of all the drama with the girls fighting. He needed a pep talk from his mom."
On The Bachelor 2016, Ben Higgins mom will actually show up late in the season to give him a pep talk and help him through the journey. Ben has decide if one of these girls is someone that he could marry, and his mom being there will help out for sure. Of course, Ben Higgins' family will get the chance to meet a few of his final choices, too, and give him their advice on who the right girl is for him this season.The insider went on to explain how hard it was for Ben, saying "It was so stressful for Ben. There were many times where he didn't know if he could continue the season." Of course, Ben Higgins doesn't give up and keeps on going through the entire season. He knows what the end goal is, and realizes that sticking it out will be worth it in the end.

ABC News shared that Ben Higgins actually expected there to be some fighting going on in the house, but that didn't stop the drama from getting to him. Ben explained his thoughts on the drama in the house with the girls.

"Drama in the house is not surprising. Look at the situation you're walking into: All these woman are living in a house, sharing life with each other, dating one person. Jealousy's gonna arise."
When asked about the drama on the show, Ben said it wasn't the drama that bothered him as much as wanting to see how people handled it. This can tell you a lot about a person and Ben Higgins was smart enough to pay attention to it.
"It's not the drama that I really paid attention to, it's how people diffuse drama, and how they move through situations. That's what I'm looking for."
Olivia and Lace are both already causing drama in the house, and Ben is going to be paying attention to them and how things go with them. Ben, hopefully, will be able to decide which women are right for him by what goes on in the house. Of course, there are villains on the show every single season.

Now that the show is over, Ben is back home, living life. He recently shared that he is still employed, regardless of what people have wondered about him. Hopefully now, he has a special someone in his life and will soon be able to reveal to the world who it is and how things are going for them.

Are you shocked to hear that Ben Higgins almost left The Bachelor 2016 before the show was even over? Do you think that Ben will find love this season on the show? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.

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