Sugar Bear Admits To Mama June He Has Been With Men [Video]

This week on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Sugar Bear and Mama June are going to have a talk about what he is done in the past. It is obvious that he doesn't want anyone to know what he is admitting, but now it is all going to come out on television. People shared that Sugar Bear will actually admit that he has been with men before. June was sure that Sugar Bear had cheated on her with men, and it sounds like the truth is coming out now.

In this preview, Sugar Bear is talking to Mama June and reveals the truth about his past. The way that they are talking, it looks like he forgot the cameras are watching them everywhere they go. Mama June is listening to Sugar Bear as he reveals that he is about to tell her something that he doesn't want anyone else to know. He admits that he has experimented with men, and Mama June sounds shocked to hear the news. Next, they go to them talking to the cameras, so Sugar Bear must realize that now the world is going to know what he has done. The world is finding out all of his dark secrets, even if he didn't want them to know about it.

Sugar Bear explains that it was just something he was curious about, but it wasn't his "cup of tea." It sounds like Sugar Bear realizes that he wants to be with women, but he did try it out. His brother is very openly gay. Sugar Bear even says that it won't ever happen again. He will even go on to explain that he let a man perform oral sex on him, but he doesn't share if he did anything back to the man. It really does sound like there might be more to this story than they are ready to tell. Mama June even shared that she found photos of men's private parts on his phone.

Last week, Mama June shared her suspicions that Sugar Bear had cheated on her with men with Catherine and Sean Lowe. At this time, there was no confirmation if he had done it or not, but this week, it is all coming out, and everyone is going to be shocked to hear this news. This could be enough to keep their relationship from going any further and cause Mama June to call it quits for good. The two have been apart since their show ended and joined Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars to see if they could fix their broken relationship.

This news comes out just after it was reported that Mama June's daughter, Pumpkin, is already engaged at the young age of 16. Radar Online shared the news that Pumpkin is getting married, but it sounds like Mama June's daughter won't be rushing into anything. Her 19-year-old boyfriend, Josh Efird, popped the question, but his grandmother is revealing that she thinks that they are too young to get married. These two don't live together yet and have been dating since March. Pumpkin is still in high school and, hopefully, won't be jumping into marriage just yet. Sugar Bear is not her father but has helped to raise her.

Are you shocked to hear that Sugar Bear has done things sexually with men and not just women? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Friday nights on WE tv. This week is the episode where Sugar Bear reveals that he has been with men before, and you do not want to miss it.

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for WE tv]