Rachel Stevens, Kayla Jones: 5-Year-Old Says Mom And Her Lover Kicked Him In Groin, Beat, Duct-Taped Him

A 28-year-old mom, Rachel Stevens, and her live-in lover Kayla Jones, are in custody this week, charged with such horrific and prolonged torture of Stevens’ five-year-old son that the little boy suffered two strokes — and according to what the child told investigators, Jones, who the boy identified only as “L.G.” called his “stepmother,” kicked her girlfriend’s son in the groin so hard that she caused bleeding in the area.

According to the charges brought by police in Muskogee, Oklahoma, the mom and her 25-year-old girlfriend are accused of “willfully/maliciously abusing L.G., who was 5 years old at the time, resulting in broken bones, bleeding of the brain, lesions on his head and neck, various scabs and bruises about his body.”

Stevens (above left) and Jones (above right) had reportedly been in a romantic relationship for about 18 months, according to a report by KOTV News. No information about the father of L.G. was made available and he is said to be uninvolved with the child.

Police first became aware of the case on December 8, when Stevens brought her son to a local medical clinic due to lesions on his face and apparent seizures that he had suffered.

But doctors at the clinic quickly realized the seriousness of the boy’s problems and transferred him to St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The severity of the abuse the child endured, sadly, was so great that even that Tulsa facility felt inadequate to treat him and he was quickly sent by emergency airlift to Oklahoma University Medical Center in Oklahoma City.

It was while he was being treated by emergency doctors at the OU hospital that the five-year-old suffered not one but two strokes, according to a police affidavit cited by the Tulsa World newspaper.

“Through forensic interviews, it was determined that the victim had been tied up, duct tape over his eyes and had been locked in a room,” the affidavit stated.

“The victim also disclosed that both suspects [i.e. Rachel Stevens and Kayla Jones] had hit him on the hand, head and butt with a belt. It was also disclosed that the mother hit the victim on the hand with a hammer. The victim disclosed that the stepmother kicked him in the groin so hard that it made him bleed,” the notarized affidavit read.

The entire affidavit is viewable in the graphic below. Stevens and Jones were finally arrested on Tuesday of this week, a month after Stevens’ son was hospitalized.

Rachel Stevens Kayla Jones court document
Affidavit in the case of Rachel Stevens and Kayla Jones [Image via Oklahoma District Courts]

The boy is reportedly still recovering from the terrible damage done by the abuse.

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The following video news report contains further details regarding the arrest of Rachel Stevens and Kayla Jones.

In addition to allegedly causing the boy’s horrifying and sickening injuries, the two women, according to KOTV News, had created a GoFundMe page to raise money purportedly to help with the boy’s medical care, claiming on the page that the five-year-old caused his own injuries by falling and by picking at his face.

They portrayed themselves as dedicated parents on the page, even sleeping in their car during the child’s hospital stay, because the hospital could not spare them a bed, they claimed.

But police said that their claim of the boy inflicting his injuries on himself simply didn’t match up with the evidence.

Two other children, ages five and seven, also lived with Stevens and Jones, but their relationship to one or both of the women was not made clear. Police were able to learn more about the abuse of Stevens’ son by interviewing the other two children, who did not appear to have suffered any abuse, according to a report in the Muskogee Phoenix newspaper.

Tests and X-rays at the OU hospital revealed that the boy had numerous broken bones, many of which were still healing. Before taking him to the local clinic on December 8, the boy suffered repeated seizures, but his mother did not bother to take him to a doctor. When police discovered that apparent neglect, they began their investigation of Rachel Stevens and Kayla Jones.

[Featured Photos By Muskogee Police Department]