Kevin Hart Plays Jimmy Fallon In Obscure Drinking Game

Kevin Hart came on The Tonight Show last night to play a game of "Drinko" with Jimmy Fallon. The game requires contestants to drop two colored disks into a board, where they randomly fall into a variety of different beverages like pea soup, Hennessey, and Capri-Sun. When the two disks have fallen, the contestant who dropped them has to mix them together and drink.

USA Today reports that Kevin Hart came on the show to promote his new movie Ride Along 2 starring himself and Ice Cube. Mr. Hart requested that they play Drinko because, according to him, Jimmy Fallon is "not that good" at Drinko, and if he loses, he'd get "to drink for free."

Kevin Hart's first cocktail was a mixture of mulled wine and Hennessey, to which he responded, "[T]hat kills me how the black guy somehow mysteriously picks Hennessey."

"What's next, you got some Colt 45?" he continued.

Jimmy Fallon ended up hitting a mixture of pickle juice and Capri-Sun, which mixed into a dark-yellow color.

"Capri-sun and pickle juice -- that's my diet!" quipped Fallon.

"That don't look good, even though he said that's Capri-Sun, I don't believe it," added Kevin Hart.

That wasn't all that happened on the show. Jimmy got to talk to Kevin about his upcoming stand-up film, Kevin Hart: What Now? that he shot in his hometown of Philadelphia.

"We had 53,000 people. We sold out the Lincoln-Financial football stadium," began Hart. "Unheard of man, honestly I'm a Philly boy until I die, but the way that my city showed up and showed out it was unreal. It's a day that I'll never, ever forget, it was one of the best days of my life, man."

Apparently, Kevin filmed a few bits for the show which will show up in the coming movie as well.

"So what I did was, because the show was so big, I said I can't just put out a regular stand-up film, I gotta to add something to it. So I decided to do a action-comedy stand-up concert film," he began. "So before the actual concert, there's a action sequence that happens. I recreated Casino Royale and Equalizer, and that's how I got to the show."

Kevin Hart has been releasing movies left and right for the past few years. Ride Along 2 is the sequel to his hit film Ride Along, and he also recently made another sequel titled Think Like A Man Too. It's one thing for audiences to like a movie, but for Kevin Hart to continually make sequels to films shows how audiences everywhere want more, whether he's doing stand-up or playing a character in the world of film.

He's even been so successful that he just launched his own pair of Nike Cross-Training shoes.

"Those that follow me and know me, you know I take physical fitness very seriously," he began.

"I'm about a healthy lifestyle, and recently I realized I can use my platform for good. So Nike and myself, we teamed up and started doing 5K runs," he continued. "So Nike decided to team up with me, and give me my own Cross-Training shoe."

They're called the Hustle Harts, and they will be in stores come April for those interesting in purchasing a pair. Ride Along 2 comes out on January 15 and stars Ice Cube, Olivia Munn, and Tika Sumpter. Kevin Hart's new stand-up film Kevin Hart: What Now? arrives October 14, 2016.

[Image via The Tonight Show/NBC]