WWE Rumors: WWE Responds To Rumors Of Daniel Bryan Being Released Next Week

Wrestling rumors are nothing new, and many of them never end up coming true or having any solid information behind them. When a huge rumor comes out about a big-time talent like Daniel Bryan, though, a little more attention needs to be given. A rumor has started going around that Bryan is going to be released next week due to his injuries, but WWE has seemingly become fed up and actually responded to the info going around.

As reported by Inquisitr, the rumor states that Bryan is going to be released by WWE on Monday, January 18, 2016. This is less than a week before the Royal Rumble event, and right as the company is truly starting its road to WrestleMania 32.

WWE has now come out and said that there is “no truth” at all to these rumors. Wrestling Inc. says that a message was sent to them on Wednesday morning from a WWE spokesperson.

“There is no truth to this letter from a supposed WWE employee.”

As for the letter that WWE mentions, well, that is where things could get really ugly if it actually did come from someone with the company.

daniel bryan release rumors wwe responds
Image via WWE

The rumor started on Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom where a supposed anonymous person that works in WWE HR sent him a tip. That tip states that he was told by a co-worker that she had to “process a release,” and it was for that of Daniel Bryan.

“Monday, January 18th is the date that is listed for when the deal is processed. Not sure exactly why – my coworker was very quiet about the whole thing other than letting a few people know.

“And to be honest she didn’t let me know – I’m not in her inner circle. I just overheard her telling someone else and she was in shock.”

The tipster told Keith that they weren’t exactly sure why the release was being processed for a full week away, as they are usually written up for the day they are executed. The tipster also went on to say that his co-worker seemed very “shocked” by the entire situation.

Well, who wouldn’t be shocked by the idea of WWE releasing Daniel Bryan?

Bryan has been on the shelf since May, 2015, with numerous injuries, including neck problems and a number of concussions. He missed a major portion of 2014, as well, with similar injuries. Some have wondered if he would ever actually be able to wrestle again.

Daniel Bryan has been cleared by a couple of doctors and even told he could return to the ring. The primary thing to remember, though, is that WWE’s doctor (a third overall) has not cleared him, and he can’t get back to wrestling for the company until that happens.

daniel bryan royal rumble release
Image via WWE

Some validity has been given to the report from Scott Keith, as the same anonymous tipster/WWE employee correctly reported John Cena’s hiatus in late 2015. Still, the thought of WWE releasing Bryan is one that’s rather hard to believe, but anything is possible.

It’s just hard to imagine that WWE would release Bryan even if he can’t ever wrestle again. They would likely want to keep him on for TV appearances, as a WWE ambassador, for social media, and other things where he could generate interest.

The thing is, if Bryan is cleared to wrestle by doctors outside of WWE, but WWE won’t clear him, he may request his release. If granted, he could then continue his in-ring career elsewhere without having to worry about sitting on the sideline.

Then again, WWE could be planning Daniel Bryan’s release soon, but have now changed their minds due to the news leaking. Maybe they’ve just postponed it. Maybe there really is no truth to the rumors of WWE releasing Daniel Bryan, but nothing can be done now except to wait and see what happens.

[Image via WWE]