Josh Duggar And Family Returning To Television? Film Crew Spotted With Michelle And Jim Bob [Video]

Josh Duggar and his family might be returning to the air waves soon. According to Facebook group "Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray," Jim Bob and Michelle were spotted at a local lumber yard with a film crew. Although it's not confirmed the film crew was from TLC, one group member insisted that the Duggar family was definitely accompanied by cameras from their home network.

According to the Facebook group, although it was not clear what Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were buying all the lumber for, one eyewitness said the couple was at the store for three hours, and were filmed the entire time. One user commented the reality stars might be "building a dog house for Josh to live in."

The same Facebook group "Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray" reported that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were also spotted at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas. Although it is not clear why the family was at the medical center, a user confirmed that it "is the hospital Josie was born in but was then transferred to Children's Hospital after a week."

Although 19 Kids And Counting was summarily cancelled two months after the news broke that Josh Duggar molested several young girls when he was a teenager himself, the network has not confirmed whether they broke ties with the Duggar clan -- and it seems they have not. At a press conference in Pasadena, California, TLC network general manager Nancy Daniels was queried whether Josh Duggar and his family will return to the air.

Daniels coyly side-stepped the repeated requests for answers by telling reporters that the latest installment of the Duggar saga, Jill And Jessa: Counting On, aired to great ratings, and no decisions about whether the Duggar clan will return to TLC have been made. According to Daniels, Jill & Jessa: Counting On premiered in three million homes, proving that despite the Josh Duggar scandals, America still craves the fallen reality stars.

Daniels asserted that the high ratings of the three-part series suggests that despite the Josh Duggar scandals, the TLC "audience cares about these girls," so the network is "still talking and considering it, but we have not made a decision yet."

Jill And Jessa: Counting On told the stories of Jill and Jessa Duggar, who were two of Josh Duggar's victims, as they moved on from a terrible year of scandals and found hope in their new roles as missionaries and mothers. Largely, the three-part series focused on the Josh Duggar scandals and, in particular, how his siblings and wife have handled revelations that Josh Duggar is not who they thought they were.

While TLC immediately cut ties with Mama June Shannon of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fame after she rekindled her relationship with a convicted child molester, the network did not sever their relationship with the 19 Kids And Counting family after the Josh Duggar scandals showed the family in a new light. In fact, it took the network two months to decide to officially cancel 19 Kids And Counting, although it was pulled from airwaves immediately.

According to celebrity news site, the Hollywood Gossip, although the TLC crew was filming the Duggar clan during a mundane task like buying lumber, the location is particularly telling. While Jill And Jessa: Counting On relied on tears and confessions to meet high ratings, 19 Kids And Counting showed the conservative Christian Duggar clan in their everyday lives as they performed chores and dated according to their own rules.

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