Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Baby Girl, But Can't Marry Blake Shelton Due To Dragged-Out Gavin Rossdale Divorce?

Gwen Stefani may be rumored to be pregnant, but when it comes to a possible wedding, she and Blake Shelton have been forced to pump the breaks. Although there has been no confirmation of a possible marriage between the Voice co-stars, rumors have been swirling for weeks. However, even if Gwen Stefani does want to marry Shelton, she'll have to wait.

While Gwen Stefani recently captured the bouquet at the wedding of Blake Shelton's hairstylist, suggesting she would be next to walk down the aisle, an In Touch Weekly cover claims her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, is dragging out their divorce.

"Amanda threw the bouquet, and it hit Blake in the head and fell on the floor," a guest told People Magazine. "[Gwen Stefani] picked it up!"

According to Us Weekly, Gwen Stefani's marriage began falling apart in February of last year after a staff member informed her of an alleged affair between Rossdale and the couple's nanny, Mindy Mann. Around the same time, Gwen Stefani discovered shocking text messages, reportedly sent between her then-husband and the nanny, which included plans to meet up and have sex.

Although Gwen Stefani fired her nanny right away, Rossdale claimed their messages were only flirtation, and he and Gwen Stefani remained together until they announced plans to divorce in August 2015, just one month after Stefani's current boyfriend, Shelton, announced his divorce from ex-wife Miranda Lambert.

In November, just prior to the release of Us Weekly's report, Gwen Stefani, who were starring in the ninth season of The Voice at the time, went public with their relationship, which had been the target of rumors for weeks prior. Following Shelton's appearance at the Country Music Awards, he reunited with Gwen Stefani, and the pair embarked on their first public PDA outing in Nashville.

Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani's soon-to-be ex-husband, Rossdale, reportedly met up with his alleged mistress, Mann, at her daycare center in Los Angeles. Although no photos of Rossdale surfaced during his reported visit, his Range Rover was seen at the facility, and eyewitnesses claimed to Daily Mail that he was inside.

While a rep for Gwen Stefani recently denied the latest round of pregnancy rumors to Gossip Cop, a source on January 13 told In Touch Weekly the couple was expecting -- and noted that Gwen Stefani believed the baby would be a girl.

According to the source, Gwen Stefani has been claiming her alleged current pregnancy feels "different" than her first three pregnancies with sons Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Bowie, 1.

"Blake is going to spoil her like crazy," the source told In Touch Weekly. "Whatever she wants, she will get. He's so generous with his siblings and nieces and nephews, you can only imagine what he'll be like with his own little girl. She will have Blake wrapped around her little finger."

And once she has her baby girl, claimed the source, "[Gwen Stefani] will finally feel complete."

Gwen Stefani and Shelton are clearly having a great time in their relationship, but when it comes to babies and weddings, it's hard to say for sure what will happen in their future. Either way, however, fans could see more of their relationship on The Voice -- but not until Season 11. When the show returns for Season 10, Gwen Stefani will be replaced by Christina Aguilera (the women have been alternating for the last few seasons).

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for EJAF]