Donald Trump Didn’t Like The State Of The Union Address, Here’s Why

Donald Trump, like many other Americans on Twitter, had strong feelings towards President Obama’s last State of the Union address.

Trump called the speech boring and non-substantive after his rally in Cedar Falls, Iowa, last night. The New York Times reports that Obama strayed away from giving the usual list of prescriptions and dealt more with his vision of America’s future.

“As frustration grows, there will be voices urging us to fall back into tribes, to scapegoat fellow citizens who don’t look like us, or pray like us, or vote like we do, or share the same background,” President Obama said. “We can’t afford to go down that path.”

It’s plausible to see how a change in Obama’s focus might have lead to mixed reviews. He touched on many issues, such as cures for cancer, the divide between Republicans and Democrats, and our military.

“It’s one of the few regrets of my presidency, that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better,” Mr. Obama said. “A president with the gifts of Lincoln or Roosevelt might have better bridged the divide.”

At one moment, President Obama urged Americans not to single out Muslims and treat them differently at this time — a subtle jab at Donald Trump.

After the speech, Nikki Haley gave the official response from the Republicans.

“The president’s record has often fallen far short of his soaring words,” she said. “As he enters his final year in office, many Americans are still feeling the squeeze of an economy too weak to raise income levels.”

She continued, “Even worse, we are facing the most dangerous terrorist threat our nation has seen since September 11th, and this president appears either unwilling or unable to deal with it.”

Haley added in that we shouldn’t give in to angry voices such as Trump’s.

“Yes, Mr. Trump has definitely contributed to what I think is just irresponsible talk,” she said, according to Business Insider.

Donald Trump didn’t take too long to craft a response.

On Fox and Friends, Trump took a few shots at Haley, saying, “I respond a couple of ways. Number one, she’s very weak on illegal immigration. I’ve known that for a long time. But she’s weak on illegal immigration.”

“And she certainly has no trouble asking me for campaign contributions. Because over the years, she’s asked me for a hell of a lot of money in campaign contributions. So it’s sort of interesting to hear her,” Trump continued.

He then went on to talk about his stance on illegal immigration and how Haley might be in his office asking him for money if he wasn’t already running.

One of the hosts of Fox and Friends asked Trump if he would pick Haley for a running partner.

“Well, considering I’m leading in the polls by a lot, I wouldn’t say she’s off to a good start based on what she has just said,” he started. “So let’s see what happens. We’ll pick somebody, but we’ll pick somebody who’s very good. But whoever I pick is also going to be very strong on illegal immigration. We’ve had it — we’ve had it — with illegal immigration, believe me, and a lot of other things.”

The president’s State of the Union address stirred up a few things in the political realm, and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump seems poised to make a legitimate run at becoming president in the coming months.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]